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Tucson or Bust: Part III currently got pit fire in reduction

to Tonopah

Well, we arrived at Marsha Hedrick's house in Tonopah. Met her husband Sam and we were greeted by Vlad. The desert is wonderful and we parked in  the drive and hooked up. Marsha's studio is huge and her very varied art forms are marvelous. We saw her award winning native clay pieces and her new slides which are porcelain with lusters and also some marvelous miniatures. We are prepping a pit firing.

On the drive here from Palm Springs, we stopped in Quartzite and had lunch with friends and also saw the big Gem show tents and booths. Last night we chatted, had a studio tour, ate Mexican and ended up with a hot tub under the stars. Sam, Marsha's husband is loading up her work now but Vlad is still pricing his work much to Marsha's dismay- he is a slow poke.

The dogs here are Australian cattle dogs and very smart. the bird whistles microwave sounds.It is so cool to see someone else's studio and experience their work environment.

Vlad of Golem Beads has some new designs and has fabulous colors; the beads are carved, glazed in intricate patterns and fired. A very complex process and each piece is a work of art. We heard stories about Vlad's home- Tarovo, an ancient home of the Bulgarian Tsars. Lana and I are determined to visit Bulgaria and discover the riches of this ancient culture. Fascinating digs and ancient sites are everywhere.

Here are some photos from this leg of trip:

Vlad, Marsha, Lana

Vlad and Bird


This morning's desert sky from Marsha's
Marsha's little girls

 whistling snake pot


Joan and Marsha
Marsha at computer and phone


  1. It looks so sunny and warm! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Will miss seeing you in Tucson this year--hope the show is great!

  2. Thanks for the trip updates and wonderful pictures!
    You all have a great and successful show!

  3. Wow, looked at all your pics and read all 3 parts of the blog. What fun, traveling in an RV, as free as the wind!
    Thanks so much for sharing it all.

  4. Great pics of everybody. Wonderful travel journal. Loving this.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It looks like a great trip!


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