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Tucson or Bust-Part II

 Can you hear me now?

This my friends is the Pacific

Well we made it to Palm Springs. Camped at Two Springs surrounded by oleander, big energy windmills in sight. Warm breezes; 71 degrees. Lovely.

We have traveled from Fortuna, CA to Wllits, through redwoods, then on to Sonoma.. lovely wineries then Hayward Bridge to Oakland.. South through Silicon Valley and on to rolling coast country and Paso Robles to end at Pismo Beach in a sunset to die for. As grey weathered northwesters.. the warm breezes and light in January is a tonic to nerves and senses.

Today we drove down coast.. surfers, palm trees, beautiful Santa Barbara and Ventura.. home of Pacific Silverworks folks. We drove through traffic and craziness through LA  to I-10 and on to Palm Springs.
Open windows, music on,youthful memories... great stretch. So far a glorious trip. Driving with cappuccinos in the frig and your own toilet. wow. Like turtles we cruise along. Save $$$ on hotels; spend some on gas. Tonight I have wifi and am posting to all you folks

Also using new Droid and posting to off center productions blog all day. Have to learn a little techno stuff to make it all work. I fight with Photoshop Elements and learn new camera. Some photos are very good and some taken with Droid at 70 miles an hour. Listening to music on my i pod with my trip playlist which is 10 hours long. Pavarotti, then Streisand and then the Ramones. Random as my grandson says.

I will now try to transfer the latest photos.. wish me luck. Tomorrow to Tonopah and Marsha Hedrick's for pit firing and hot tub.



Scary Fog
Elk Buck and Herd





 Pismo am

Pismo Beach Sunset

Pit stop


Windmills Palm Springs


Hi  and thanks for comments. Joan T- navigator and Lana -driver


  1. Wonderful roadtrip photos. Really get the feeling of warm weather and the excitement of being on a trip. Love every pic. I am very impressed by your Droid techno know how. Super. Look forward to the next post. Say Hello to Marsha, Vlad, Kremena and everyone else for all of us. Look forward to pics of the pit firing.

  2. I'm lovin' reading about your trip! Can't wait to see more about the pit firing!! Thanks for sharing all of this.... How fun!!!

  3. For some reason I want to know what music you are listening to… I feel like I am with you, but the volume is tuned all the way down. Although I can hear your voices - that haughty laughter and interesting stories...


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