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Tucson or Bust: On the Road- Part I

  Packing, packing, making lists, prepping the Minnie Winnie, Ole Grrl, running around getting the house and cats ready for house sitter. Now finally off on the road to Lincoln City Oregon, first stop on the way south to Arizona for Tucson Gem Show.

Had to load show bins on back of RV -strapped on; We always put the ware inside to protect it from thieves and bumps. Frig is filled with salads, sandwich fixings, and the basics. We carry a stash of easy to make meals, but I usually weaken at the sight of  a truck stop or hamburger paradise.

Our RV club's lucky gnome in WA
Ole Grrl-our Minnie Winnie

Some of things that needed doing; test Blogging from Droid. It appears to work I hope this continues. Lots of sorting of show stuff since we only have a 6 foot table this time and last Best Bead had 16 feet. We are bringing many new pieces, new Japanese cord and a segment of marked down charms, leaves and pendants for folks on a budget. Also a few of Lana's small boxes and bowls. I had to load clothes, crank the refig up to temp; load cameras and ipods and all the accessories for RV travel. It is like an expedition to Everett- lots of preparation. Cat/house sitter prep is also a task- that is Lana's area of expertise.

Always have to deal with decision to do or not to do 1-5 and deal with Sisykous, Shasta, and Grapevine all hard on RV's with ice, wind, snow. We are taking the coast so we can see the ocean, check out some of our favorite views and make it a little vacation. There is only so many times one can drive through Redding and Fresno and the Valley and not be bored. I also  hate the Fresno fog. We will stop one night in Pismo Beach .. that will be fun. Some of the ocean views in Oregon take your breath away as well as the Redwoods.

We are staying in Palm Springs at 2 Springs RV resort that sells lots; we are checking out the facility- it is affiliated with our club KM. After Palm Springs is our must anticipated stop at Marsha Hedrick's where we will pit fire traditional style to make black pots. Vlad will already be there from Bulgaria so we should have a fun time. Then we are all off to Tucson to set up. Set up is always a challenge. We are super organized and Lana hauls the stuff in and I set up-it works. 


Day one and two: Olympia, WA tp Fortuna, CA
Great views, surf, bunnies at campsite, sun, sun sun. and an elk herd.

blurry sunset good night


  1. Good Luck out there! Love seeing the pictures from the road - feels like we're in the back seat (or wherever you sit in the minnie winnie…). Safe travels!

  2. I am gripped with wanderlust on seeing your gorgeous photos. Love being part of your trip--vicariously--look forward to the next post. Safe travel.

  3. oh what a great beginning! wonderful photos too! I cannot wait until your next entry!

  4. Wonderful...thanks for sharing! Looks like a wonderful adventure!


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