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Small Kiln Survey Part IV Skutt KS609 Manual

This week's survey focuses on the   Skutt KS609  which is a small, manual test kiln.  Photos for today's post are courtesy of Spirited Earth.  She is a very versatile and creative ceramic bead artist. These are her kilns. She has found  the Skutt KS609 to be a very  rugged  and reliable kiln. She has been using them for many years.
As you can see they are a small kiln but larger than some we have discussed.

Here you can look inside of the kiln.  You can see the ceramic brick interior and the very thick well insulated outer walls.

Nan tells me she did raku firings in one of these for 10 years and it withstood the abuse!!  Now that is  a myth breaker for me.  Since I had always heard that the brick interior kilns could not stand up to the fast temperature changes of the the raku firing. 

Here is one of her Skutts load for a firing.  You can see that she has more than one shelf in there.

Here is the first level and how the beads look after they are fired.  Wonderful shapes and colors.  These are beads by Spirit Rattles.  You can see more of her wonderful work in her Etsy Shop.

The particulars on this kiln:
Chamber: 11" opening, 9" deep, 0.6 cu. ft. 115V AC, 17 Amps (20 Amp Circuit), 1950 Watts Cone 6, 2250 degrees. Shipping weight 60 lb.
Where to purchase

If you want more info about any of these kilns or want to share your experience with a small kiln, please leave a comment below.  We love comments.

Nan has posted additional info about this kiln on her blog today.  Check it out here.  Thank you Nan.


  1. thanks for allowing me to share this with everyone..i LOVE my Skutt kilns..i've had a 1027,818 and these 2 little tiny's,which are the stars of my studio.
    That first photo is of the newer kiln ,the second photo shows the front of the older one that i rakued out of several times a week over the last 10yrs.. that's some tough little kiln,i still use it for everything and while i did have to peg up the elements that sagged a bit..it still works great.

  2. thank you so much Nan for adding some more detail about your uses for the Skutt kiln discussed today. Very helpful. These posts will be a resource for many folks starting out in clay so all these details mean a lot.

  3. Thank you for such great pictures of your loaded kiln. I have the same one except it's by Cress Kilns and have felt limited by its shape to use all the space as possible. And while it may be simple to fill it like you have, let me tell you, I didn't think of it before!

    Thank you Nan for sharing and thank you Mary for your dedication to our group.

  4. Yolanda, I am so pleased that this post was helpful to you. I am glad you have a new way of loading your kiln.

  5. That's the beauty of this group Mary. There is always something out there to learn how to do things more efficient. :)

  6. I love your blog, great info, Thanks :-)


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