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Second Wednesday Giveaway

The second Wednesday of each month we will just give stuff away!
Why?.....because We Can! :-)
This time we are giving away 3 fabulous pendants from 3 of our BOC Artists....

This first piece is from Libra Sun Designs

This second piece was created by Winchell Clayworks

And this third piece is from Trollsmed

Three beautiful Pendants just for you!

To enter our Giveaway simple answer a couple question for us.
A random winner will be announced on Saturday, Jan15th!

1. What is your most used jewelry component?  Finding, focal, clasp.....?.
2. If you could have one of our ceramic artists create a focal pendant just for you, what size/shape/color would it be?

Post your answers here! And good luck everyone!


  1. Hi!

    1) YES - LOL - meaning all of them. But I have to say that I use wire the most... use it for findings, focals and clasps! :o) But Focals comes in close second.

    2) Oval/tear drop, olive & dusty blue, approx 2 1/2" x 1"

    LOVE Winchell Clayworks - I was just looking at the pieces of hers that I have in my stash and thinking about making a piece w/ one. :o)

  2. 1. What is your most used jewelry component? Finding, focal, clasp.....?. Focal. I almost alway start with a focal and then design around it.

    2. If you could have one of our ceramic artists create a focal pendant just for you, what size/shape/color would it be?
    It would be medium sized, oval and flat-ish in rich autumn colors: russet, burnt orange, brick red etc.

  3. I would say either wire or clasps

    and if I could have someone design a focal, it would be a round mandala kind of pendant

  4. I use them all equally. When I use focals, say for a necklace, I want it to have a fairly flat back so it lays nicely, and not too large to be cumbersome. The color-anything but lavender.

    Lovely prizes!!!

  5. I mostly make bracelets so I work a lot in wire and clasps are my most used component.

    I love the big toggles and would have it created in the shape of a heart in deep burgundy.

  6. Focals. All my pieces start with the focal and then I design around it. If I could have a special piece made just for me it would be large, multi-colored and probably round or oval.

  7. 1. jump rings! I use them for everything. They are all over my work in multiple sizes and different metals.

    2. Probably something angular and asymmetrical, with an interesting geometric pattern. Earthy colors--olives, browns, golds.

  8. 1. Wire, beads [if they count] and various clasps, I guess. I like different types of connectors and chains that can be used in different ways. Versatility is my favourite word when it comes to jewellery components. Difficult to choose really...

    2. It'd be matte, that I know for sure. Smokey dark colours (black, grey, lavender, rose) or a blend of greens and amber/brown/russet. Probably medium sized, oval or round -- or perhaps a flat donut or sun cross (circle with x in). Either that or I'd go for a cat-and-dragon pendant. Did I say I wasn't good at choosing? ;)

  9. I probably would have to say I use my PMC pieces the most, then probably wire.

    I like raku, nature inspired.

  10. 1. Would be focal, work my ideas and design around that.

    2. Shape of a flower. Colours of the sea

  11. I love focals, they are the start of every design for me.

    It would be great to have a BOC artist create a 3-D magnolia pendant with the hole running horizontally--and big is always a good thing!

  12. I would have to say Focal- I usually start with a beautiful focal and design around that. If I could have something designed just for me? Hmmm...that's a hard one. I think something oval, textured and in blues and greens.

  13. 1. My most used jewelry component is probably headpins. I use a ton of them.

    2. Oooh, if I could have a custom focal pendant it would be a big round gerbera daisy in rusty orange. :-)

  14. I would have to say that Swarovski crystals are my favorite... but as far as most used, I would have to say toggles.

    Something just for me... hmmm... that is hard to say. Something organic in shape with blues, purples and pinks, or raku, well, wherever their muse sends them is good for me!

  15. 1. Most used jewelry component: I'm a beginner, but I've gotten really interested in wirework. So I would say wire. And clasps because everything I've made has needed a clasp!
    2. If I could have someone create a focal pendant for me, I would choose something small, and round in shape but flat. My favorite color is cobalt blue, so I would like that to be the main color.

  16. Pendants, turquoise and textured.

  17. I would say wire then focals.
    If I could have someone creat something for me, it would be ocean aqua, chunky and asymmetrical.


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