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Interview with Milica Pajic

Why ceramics?

Somehow I knew that after high school I was definitely not going to do any industrial design. I needed something more tangible, to work more with my hands, and it's not bad to know a craft, so I applied to ceramics and at the end got my degree on unique ceramics.

Why ceramic jewelry?

Jewelry I started making once I realized a cruel fact that one can't live here of pottery and sculptures, so I transformed my whole world of people and animals into tiny brooches which anybody could afford for themselves :)

What are your inspirations?

My inspirations are mostly animals and people from surrounding, although I think that on my stylization and artistic expression great impact has my father's work.

What do you think about popularity of ceramic jewelry in your part of the world? Do you think that ceramic components are getting proper attention?

I think that its popularity has developed a lot in comparison to previous years, thanks to many ceramicists who switched their interest to jewelry making. I think that a big problem here is that people are not much familiar with materials, so they can't always tell the difference between ceramics, porcelain and plastic, polymer, and similar. Aside the fact that many have no clue about the processes involved, the fact that you are creating almost out of nothing and not some machine! It really makes me mad sometimes when people can't see those differences.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans and wishes for the future are from long time ago, to have my own work-shop, atelier, and at one point transfer all those creatures into sculptures (which I am working on).

If you wish to see more of Milica's work


  1. Great interview. Really interesting ceramic work. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Great interview! Where do you go to purchase some of her Ceramic Work?

  3. Yes, please tell us where we can buy some of her work. I looked at her blog and I must have one of her pieces!

  4. http://www.facebook.com/#!/milica.pajic

    This is her profile on FB, but she will not be around till January 20.

    You can leave her a message through blog or FB profile. I think she will be very happy.


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