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Interview with Ana Haberman - "Tri lukne"

This post is dedicated to Ana Haberman. She is a ceramicist from Slovenia. Before I let you read what Ana has to say about herself and her work I need to say it was very difficult to choose what images to put on the post, because she was kind enough to let me use all of them :) and I like them all. As you can see, her photography is doing real justice to her work.

So, without any further comment I shall let you enjoy her own introduction. 

"First I must say that it is very hard to write about myself and my own work...
I could tell you that the stoneware clays that I like to use represent earth, sand and stones, and the glass in blue and green tones represents sky, sea and the forest.

I could also say that nature is my inspiration (in a way I guess it is true), but if I am honest then I would have to say I don't know why I do things as I do... I just like it that way. I guess we see our world differently and that reflects in things we do.
As cultural anthropologist I have always admired cultures around the globe that live in close connection with nature and their art and handcraft work. They always convinced me that the beauty lies in simplicity. Maybe there is some inspiration.

IDEAS: people ask me where the ideas come from? I don't know. Maybe they are  somewhere in the air and you just need to grab them and bring them down to earth.
As long as I remember I needed to do something creative - making jewelry from different materials, mostly natural, and making my own clothes.

 And why clay as material?  I found it as a material that gives you unlimited options of expressions. I also like it because it is a natural material... I guess I need to work with clay to bring my mind down to earth :)
About year and a half ago I got my own kiln and started my own work, known as "Tri lukne". Everybody asks why Tri lukne (it means 3 holes)? I don't know why, but I started to make three holes in many works and also in buttons. Buttons always have two or four holes and I thought why not three and I tried and it works. So when I was thinking about name it was obvious  - "Tri lukne" ("Three holes" - in English) :)

TECHNIQUES, MATERIAL: mostly I use "primitive" techniques (I don't like the expression because I don't see anything primitive in it. I think there must be a better expression) that means that mostly I use hands... I would say that people used these techniques before time became money. I especially enjoy in pinching. It reminds me of one Chinese wisdom that nothing spoils a good cup of tea more than hurry, I thing they meant drinking and whole ceremony but I think it is also about the cup. Personally I think that cups made just by hands have soul of their own, because of their uniqueness and all the time and energy that someone spends to make it.

I make stoneware ceramics and I like to mix different clays and then burn it to its maximum. I use glazes but usually not on the whole work, I also like to combine clay with other materials - especially ropes, like hemp ropes, and use different techniques of knitting, particularly when I make jewelry.

I mostly make pieces for practical use (tea pots, cups, bowls, morrows, jewelry - rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets,... buttons, clothes with ceramic implants....)... but I have also tried some more expressive things and I enjoy a lot :)"

Anyway, I am just a beginner and there is so much more I want to learn."
You can see more of Ana's beautiful work by visiting her site http://www.trilukne.si/ , flickr photostream trilukne or her FB profile Trilukne Unikatna Keramika .


  1. I like very much ceramics of Ana Haberman. I looking for her web page to see more.

  2. Beautiful work! I love the simplicity of her Art. Earthy looks are my favorite. I am looking forward to learning more about Ana.

  3. Ooo -very cool & unique rustic style. Love the glaze colors and Ana's mix of textures with the glazed and unglazed together.

  4. love the rustic style and that little bowl with the spoon too

  5. I am totally blown away by Ana's work. It is so unique and beautiful. I love her choice of color and use of hemp(?) cord with her pieces. Thank you so much for treating us to this wonderful display of her pieces.

  6. Beautiful work, rustic, earthy, natural.

  7. Beautiful work Ana! I love the way that that you say you mix clays and fire to the max… The way the glazes are applied to just certain areas and the clay shows is just so pleasing… Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love it! Fantastic works of art! I, too, enjoy the "primitive" way of creating ;o)

  9. :) great!!!
    I just love it!!!

  10. my gosh I just love that cup and spoon more than words can say! great post!!!


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