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Tool Talk Thursday: Small Kiln Survey Part III Looking inside a fully load small kiln

Row 1  the bottom row

Today's post shows you how a small kiln, the AIM 88, can be loaded in an efficient manner.

We owe great thanks to Yolanda's Clay for these incredible photos.  Thanks you so much Yoli.

Row 2  using inch high posts

Row 3

Row 4  using 2 layers of inch high posts to give the pendants room to hang down without touching the row below.

Opening the kiln

Yolanda tells me she was able to get 100 beads and  30 pendants into this kiln load

Now that is an amazing feat.   But that is what is so great about these little test kilns.   They are workhorses and they can be fully packed.
If you have photos you would like to share of you loaded test kiln let me know.   I would love to share them here.


  1. Great photos thanks for sharing very much. Beading is a great hobby I enjoy

  2. Wow Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I like to fire my beads via long rectangular posts as well. I haven't stacked them before, but I use a large kiln.... and use many layers of shelving.

  3. I am still in the market for a kiln and wasn't too sure what size I needed to get. Now I see that the smaller ones can hold more than I thought. Thanks for the info!


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