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December Second Saturday State Of Your Studio...

Hello All! Welcome to the December 2010 Second Saturday State Of Your Studio…

This is a post for everyone to share a link to their blog or a photo (do you have one on Flickr? Facebook? You can link those up too!) to show what the state of your studio is like this month - you have all month to link up...
Marsha Neal Studio - Jewelry Making on the Dining Room Table
Are you making a lot of beads? Are you turning to crafty projects? Jewelry Making? How do you decorate your home for the holidays? Maybe you don't celebrate the holidays… How does this time of the year affect you and your creative space? Just curious…

What kind of things are you working on in your studio? We're approaching the new year - do you have any plans for changes to your work or studio?


  1. I am beginning to get the hang of this. I hope others will put their link in so that we can have lots of links for folks to visit. It's easy to do and such fun to see what is going on in studios. You don't have to be a clay bead artists to participate. Everyone is welcome.

  2. i noticed this week a funny thing.
    the studio had been tidied, jewelery things pretty much organized..then a project and BAM my jewelry supplies look like monkeys have gotten to them..what's up with that? guess i wasn't as organized as i thought..not enough to put things back..my photo might be scary.

  3. I'm frozen out of my studio this time of year so I set up makeshift ones on the coffee table, the dining room anywhere I can get a free, flat surface. Makes my husband crazy! :-)


  4. I got one! This is such a fun idea! I am so glad to finally get a link posted

  5. I just successfully added my link. My studio has been in upheaval, but this too shall pass! :D Looking forward to better organized new year.
    Thanks for hosting this peek into everyone's studios. What fun!


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