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Color of the Year for 2011

Pantone Color of the Year 2011: Honeysuckle
I just received notice of the hot color for 2011...It's a beautiful honeysuckle pink..Here is the news release from Pantone ~ Pantone news release
I'm thinking....I don't have much glaze in the way of pink, so I took a look around and this is what I found:

A quick search through Etsy found some wonderful ceramic pieces.  A little inspiration for us all to ponder as the New Year 2011 is upon us soon. As we start to put together ideas, keep in mind that this color is sure to be noticed at art/craft shows, watch the  accessories, clothes, bath & body and home decorating too.

Have you designed anything in these tones? Please share a link below for us all to see!  Jewelry designers are you seeing pink cropping up or has it been around for a while? Curious to hear your thoughts and see pictures of your designs in pink!  Clay artists, do you have any pink glaze that you love? Please share!


Links to pictures on the right:
Little Flowers
Heart Hoops
Faith Heart

Glaze Companies mentioned:
Standard Ceramic


  1. oh gosh..PINK..i'm going to struggle with that one.

  2. I think a good challenge will be to bring pink down to earth....how do we accomplish that with glaze...I'll be playing with the idea for sure!

  3. I do lots of hearts and use pink often. How do we share a link?

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  5. If you post a link in the comments, I'll post the live links at the bottom of the article!

  6. http://cindydolezaldesigns.shutterfly.com/269

  7. http://cindydolezaldesigns.shutterfly.com/274

  8. The color looks like Mayco stroke n' coat, Rosey Posey, maybe with just a tad more yellow.
    Here's a link to a pink dahlia pendant:


  9. never been a pink person. sooo not into this color.
    Erin S

  10. LOve that pink faith heart in your photo collection who's the Etsy seller?? I am a metal mixed media jewelry designer and have not been seeing much pink. Green seems to be the color of times (lime green) but I love Pink so it will be fun to work with it it looks so cool with black and even red. Oh and pink with the lime green can be fun too! THank you for the heads up!

  11. Cara Rae if you click on the link at the end of the article, it will take you to the Etsy site! Thanks for sharing your color info...interesting!


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