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Tuesday Tips: One of the Great Websites!

Joanna Veevers - Brooches, photo from Ceramic Arts Daily

Do you have follow Ceramic Arts Daily?  While most of the site is devoted to pottery, there are frequently techniques and tutorials that are inspirational for bead makers. For example, the instructions for making the colorful brooches above can be found here.  But you needn't limit yourself to the jewelry related information. Most of techniques used in traditional pottery are transferable to small scale clay bead work. And that can lead to some very unique work by you!

Ceramic Arts Daily is a great website chockers full of information on clay bodies, decorative techniques, and even bead specific tutorials. Best of all it is free and you can sign up to receive daily updates. If you haven't seen the site, head over and check it out. I'm pretty sure it will be inspirational!


  1. I receive it regularly and agree with you. I too warmly suggest it to anyone interested in clay work weather big or small, techniques are usable in both dimensions.

  2. I agree, it is a very informative site and I look forward to it daily.

  3. Looks like a great site to join, thanks for sharing this information!

  4. Since reading your post, I have spent quite a while looking around that site. It is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  5. Subscribers also have access to
    "Free Gifts," which are PDF booklets that are FULL of useful information. I have a 3 ring notebook of these that I've printed out. New ones usually come out every few weeks. I have to be careful when I go to that site that I don't lose track of time :-)


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