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November BOC Spotlight- Joan Tucker and Lana Weed

This month I am lacking a subject to interview so I decided to tell you 
about us at Off Center Productions. We live and work in Lacey, Washington, an hour south of Seattle.

Lana is a potter and also works at Evergreen State College in IT. 
I am retired  from the community college system and make pendants and beads and also dabble in writing and other pursuits

Lana has been working in clay for 30 years  She was a studio potter at
Pottery Northwest in Seattle. I have been playing with clay for 6 years. We use Sam Scott stoneware, Groleg porcelain and a few other favorites. We fire electric and also gas reduction. Our kilns are Big Girl, Little Girl and Tom's. We also have a gas kiln not  being used and Lana fires gas reduction at two different studios.

We have quite a few commercial glazes for oxidation firing and Lana
has a collection of recipes for reduction glazes. We work side by side sometimes on the same project but lately Lana has been making pots,
boxes and bowls.

Our themes for pendants and beads have been Global inspired with a focus on antiquities. I specialize in making baskets and tiny vessels.

We have been on the road selling at the major shows for the past few years-
BABE, To Bead True Blue,The Best Bead Show, Bead and Button, Bead Factory, Portland, etc and have stepped back during the past year to regroup. Lana is working more and we bought an RV -so are traveling more for fun. Going to Germany and Italy in May for a big trip.

We love our slab roller and extruder and also I am very fond of our apple corer and tumbler.Inspiration  for Lana comes from the masters; she studies classic pots-tea bowls and functional ware. I love ethnic patterns, old bronze, woven baskets, and textiles.

Advice to newbies.. follow your heart.. have fun.. don't take yourself too 
seriously..  enjoy the pure pleasure of creation.


Thanks for reading, Joan Tucker


  1. Love your studio! nice and big space. Great work from both of you, keep it up ladies!

  2. Yolanda, Thanks.. how about being interviewed for next month?? Joan

  3. You gals are amazing! Love seeing the studio and your booth setup! Must be a lot of fun being able to work on stuff you enjoy side by side…

    We really must make a day of catching up the next time you head out this way again… (warmer time of the year with garden in full bloom???)

  4. Marsha, I feel like I missed your major production..those kids.growing so fast.If we are out your way. you can count on a visit. My next one will be in cold January so maybe after that. We will in Tuscany in
    May.. joy joy.

    I am toying with the idea of starting up the clay again.. maybe some shows..
    next year. we will see. Take care. jt

  5. What a fun peek into your studio! Loved learning more about you both. Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your studio and you creative pursuits with us. Wonderful work. You both are so creative.

  7. Thanks for the insight. Your studio is awesome. Giving me some ideas to get mine up and going.


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