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Make Small, Think Big (1st & 3rd Sunday)

Oh am I excited to be here joining in the fun and contributing to your joy and creative growth every 1st & 3rd Sunday each month. You'll be traveling through world history of ceramic buttons, beads and  jewelry being challenged to create similar pieces, tutorials not just for looking but for participating, also some interviews from the part of our planet where I live and lots of encouraging words and free designs....

I think it should be polite to introduce myself. My name is Aleksandra Micic known to some as "micicart". My creativity is not concentrated only on one media, but my heart belongs to clay. You know the feeling when you touch wet clay, that instant something inside of you changes, you somehow forget everything else, become one with earth and all the burdens become lighter... and heart filled with strength to go on.
I don't have any degrees but finished a short course on basic skills in ceramics and made some vessels, vases and sculptures. Due to small living and working space decided to start creating something smaller like beads, buttons and jewelry components. Roses are my passion and always end up trying to create in any media that delicacy of their petals. Also love sculpting faces, profiles, but most of all love carving. 

In all that creativity I have my husband's unconditional support and understanding and two little helpers that make my life and heart fulfilled and inspired endlessly.
You'll get to know me better through our blog-post socialising.
Many new happenings on this beautiful blog of BOC and we all hope you become participants and not just readers. 
Wish you all happy claying!

pendant "Heart & Mind"


  1. Welcome to the team Aleksandra! I am so excited to see your posts!

  2. Thank you Linda and Kristie :) I am excited to be aboard, too .

  3. Welcome!
    Beautiful pieces, I especially like the rose :-)

  4. Thank you Shannon for your welcoming comment :)

  5. So glad you're here Sandra! I'm looking forward to your post. Love your work!

  6. Glad you are joining the Authors on BOC! Welcome, welcome!

  7. Dear Raida and Marla, thank you so much :)


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