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Giveaway Time!

We have some Really wonderful beads to give away today! 
Like this beautiful Flower Heart Pendant by Beth Roark http://www.carpe-beadem.com/
and this great Donut and Bead Set By Golem Design Studio....

So tell me......  Do you have any Beads-of-Clay?  Have you purchased any great clay beads lately? 
Who's your favorite ceramic bead maker? 
Leave a comment below for a chance to win these great beads!

Share a link to your favorite clay bead artist's website so that we can admire their work and you will be entered for a second chance to win!.   :-)


  1. My have several favorite clay artists but have recently purchased from Lisa Peters Art. I love her cabochons. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaPetersArt


  2. I love Yoli's pendants, so colorful. My Granddaughter loves her pendants too....especially a little ghost that Yoli gave to her.


  3. I love the beads at Earthenwood Studios,and own a few of them, I haven't really explored the world of clay beads too much, I need to, the ones here in the blog today are gorgeous!

  4. I love Marsha Neal's flower pendants--I have 2, but I dropped one and it shattered. :(
    I just received 2 new bracelet pieces from Shaterra. They are curved to fit around the wrist. I can hardly wait to create something with them!

  5. I have not had the pleasure of adding some Beads of Clay beads to my collection ... yet!

    I buy clay beads quite often from an Australian clay artist, Peruzi. Her beads are gorgeous and she makes lots of clay cabochons too which suits my bead embroidery and cab fetish!


  6. Oops - sorry forgot the link of Peruzi - http://www.peruzi.net/


  7. My favorite? Kristie Roeder of Artisan Clay! Hands down my all time favorite! I own a lot of her beads and even more stuff that I've made with her beads!

  8. love the giveaway beads..
    i'm a beadmaker,Spirited Earth http://

    there are so many amazing beads that it would be difficult to choose one over another..though
    lisa peters rocks as does diane hawkey and every heart crafts

  9. I am fairly new to beads of clay, no purchases yet. But many of the names mentioned are familiar and I have some of their beads on my list. These giveaway beads are soooo nice!!!

  10. I love so many clay bead makers, but I recently purchased a beautiful set from Kylie Parry that I am using in a few new pieces.


  11. I have several clay bead artists on my wish list, and have some pieces from Tari Sasser, Off Center Productions and Landen Road Designs.


  12. I have a few favorites but not too long ago I bought some sugar skull charms and beads from Gaea. I have some of her work already but I've been drooling over the skulls for a long time. I'm saving these pieces to use in jewelry that I'm keeping.

  13. Why yes! Yes I do have beads of clay! Too many!
    I love Mary Harding for her delicate botanicals.
    I love Diane Hawkey for her playfulness.
    I love Jennifer Jangles for her whimsy.
    I love Marsha Neal for her glazes.
    I love Mellissa of Chinook for her architectural details.
    I love Lisa Peters for her variety and earthiness.
    I love Melanie at Earthenwoods for her inventiveness.
    I love Kristie Roeder for the sparkle pops of color.
    I can't wait to discover even more.
    I have been in love with Golem for a long time. The colors make me want to happy dance!
    Thank you for the chance.
    Enjoy the day!

  14. I have many favorites and have been adding many new artists every week.
    I just recently purchased from Spirited Earth, MaryHardingJewelry, and Chinook. I am having so much fun using their designs in my jewelry.

  15. These are such beautiful pieces, I'd consider myself lucky to win them!

    I, too, have admired most of the artists and their work mentioned here. Since it would be too traumatic for me to narrow down to only ONE favorite (they're ALL special and unique, in their own ways), I think I'll just pass on mentioning a singular link (for the second chance).

    I'll put my enthusiasm and faith for ALL of them (and these PRETTY pieces) on the line and just HOPE I win!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  16. Oh yes, I have fallen in love with beads of clay and my fave designers are Mary Harding for her nature beads, Shaterra Clay for her whimsical raku beads, and Lisa Peters for her earthy and unusual beads.




  17. Oh, no Linda… Sorry that your piece broke (how did it happen?). Which one was it and I'll see if I have something to replace it for you…

  18. There's so many talented clay artisans that belong to this group. I haven't purchased many ceramic beads because I make them I guess, but I did purchase a fabulous fall leaf pendant recently from Gerry's Clay designs by Glee http://claydesignsbyglee.blogspot.com/ - because I just loved the colors and texture. I just had to have it, and it's beautiful.

  19. Thank you so much Lisa.
    Your Christmas pendants (which I now am a proud owner of 2) are absolutely wonderful!!! I will enjoy these during this upcoming Christmas season.

    I feel like Lisa, I make my own so have not purchased many.
    I have loads I have gotten from our bead swaps that are awesome....

    I hate naming names and leaving out so many of the talented ceramic artists that I have gotten to know. Everyone is so talented and their designs are so unique to them. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderfully talented group that is so open to tell how they go about working and designing so that others like myself can learn....thanks to all!!!!!

  20. I love earthenwood studios. Melanie Brooks has a great industrial and steampunk vibe. www.earthenwoodstudio.com

    Erin S

  21. The winner is Releases by Rufydoof Karyn From Australia!

    Thank you to everyone who has played along!

  22. love to see these!!Make more please and let me buy a set...


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