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Can I Join Beads-of-Clay Website ?

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Are you wondering if you can be a member of the Beads of Clay group on the web?  Are you wondering how to join?

Today in this blog I will answer these questions.

pendant by Gaea available for purchase in the BeadsofClay Etsy Shop

In the past, the Beads of Clay website was only for folks who make beads out of ceramic clay of the earth.  This is still true but membership has been expanded to include  all who have an interest in ceramic art beads, including professional ceramic bead artists, hobbyists, jewelry designers and fans.  No dues or fees or donations are required to be a member or to participate.

TO JOIN Beads of Clay you can go to the website by clicking here which takes you to the home page.  Once there you will see JOIN BEADS OF CLAY on the right column.  Scroll down a bit and you will see a live link saying Click here to join.   I have made this link live here as well.  Once you click the link you will see a membership form that you can fill out to join.  And that is it.

Pendant by Yolanda's Clay available for purchase in her Etsy Shop

If you are a ceramic bead artist with an Etsy shop, website or other online shop, you can have your shop listed here with photos for free.  The requirement is that the shop listed has at least 50%  fired ceramic beads, buttons or pendants.  So if this sounds like you, go ahead and fill out the profile information and follow the rest of the directions to get your shop listed.

Smokey Gray Square Bead  by Artisan Clay available in the BeadsofClay Etsy Shop

To sum up:  Beads of Clay has a General Membership list that includes everyone that has registered an interest in ceramic beads.  In addition, there is another list of the Beads of Clay Artists Shop with photos.  And a third option is to purchase an ad to put on the website and become a Supporting Member. You can find out info about ads here.

The benefits of membership include linking with other ceramic bead artists, participation in swaps and challenges, listing of your website, shop or Etsy store and the promotion of ceramic beads through events and advertising.
I hope you will consider joining Beads of Clay on the web.  There are other options in Beads of Clay that will be covered in another post.  If you have any questions about membership please leave a comment below or use the Contact Us button on the website.

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