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You've got mail! Time saving tips for email and Autumn Colors Giveaway

Autumn is a busy time for those of us who make a business of handmade artwork via the World Wide Web.

  Autumn is a busy time for everyone! 
Whether you are getting used to a new school schedule with your family or stocking your handmade shops with wonderful goods for holiday shoppers, this time of year speeds up the pace.

I find it really hard to keep up with all the different forms communications that take place on the Web.
Today I replied to/processed/deleted over 600 emails!  And that was just the build up from one of my Email accounts for 2 weeks.  I check emails daily and delete all social networking notifications immediately, but the emails still build up.   
Pendant and Bead Set by Vanessa Gilkes culturezine@gilkesfamily.com

I have really been paying attention to all the time that goes into following up with communications.
That's checking emails, responding to inquiries, checking blog, flickr, and Facebook fan page comments.  I often communicate with shops and galleries via email as well.  I participate in Yahoo Groups, Web Forums, Teams ect.....
And then outside of business there are always volunteer group and family emails.

Pendant by Artisan Clay

So.....  That leads me to my question.....
DO you have any tips for those of us who are swimming in emails? 

Do you have a comment/ inquiry checking schedule?

Share your tips via comment below and you will be entered to win all the beautiful Autumn colored clay pieces pictured here.  Have you read a good article on the subject?- share it!
Are you as lost as me?-- leave a comment below you will be entered to win as well. 


  1. I check my email morning and night. I immediately delete anything I don't want...and empty the spam folder. It's too overwhelming otherwise, and I don't want to miss communications from my customers.

  2. I am contantly going through email and saving and making new folders i guess i'm a email hoarder lol , but i love to save information, but i also delete alot , it does get overwelming at times

  3. It really can be a time suck. I do check emails periodically through the day. I delete anything from Facebook and have been removing myself from mailing lists, like catalogs and such. I set up rules for my email so that all the ones to a particular part of my life are grouped. And my yahoo groups never seem to reach me and I forget to check out at that site so that is one less thing. I check periodically through the day because it would really drain me to come home and find 100 emails waiting for me when I have the time to be creative. Plus I am a really fast typist. ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  4. I check my email every morning before I leave for work. I get abut 200 emails a day so I still get a bit behind if I miss a day or two. The best thing is to set a time every day to work on emails and stick to it as best as you can. I have folders for emails I can read later that do not need to be answered.

  5. Oh man, i just constantly check it. I'm an internet addict! :)

  6. I pretty much randomly check mine several times a day and delete everything that I have no interest in, and save the rest to read later

  7. I check emails through the day, but I try to unsubscribe to stuff I don't need and make files for important communication. Files for bead related info, school stuff, or auction info. About every 2 weeks I go back and clear all old outdates mail out.

    Beautiful beads!


  8. I recently reset the email notification I receive from Facebbok.
    I no longer get an email for everything that any of my friend get. Now I only get notifications for things that are on my wall or things that follow up on a thread that I have commented on. This has helped a great deal.

  9. You have committed to a lot of social networks! Maybe they're not all necessary, but I know that's a touchy area. In addition to the practical suggestions you already received, I would remind all of us to prioritize and then do it over! We have to be tough, well, none of us are, that's why we're in this predicament! My famous saying used to be, "Don't wait to have cancer to learn to say No"! It's true. Getting up 15 minutes earlier is a great head start. Let me know how it works, ha ha.

  10. If you read an important e-mail that you know you'll need later, mark it as "unread" otherwise, you'll completely forget to come back and read it.

  11. I would love to have that few emails after 10 days. I actually get between 150- 300 emails a day. I have found that using the rules in Outlook is a lifesaver.

  12. I keep two separate accounts - one personal for friends and blogfriends and one that brings in the mailing list stuff. I feel that I will miss fewer things if I keep these in two places. I check email each morning at 5AM and deal with anything I need to for about the next 30 min. In the evening, around 5PM, I check it again and do the same. Usually I don't have time to check during the day, but frequently I check it again before I go to sleep.

  13. If you want to stay connected but filter the "nice" from the "essential" when you are really busy, you can beat email filtering. Depending on what program/email system you use, you can sort your mail by senders or keywords into inbox subfolders for later catch-up reading and keep your inbox free for priorities. just don't let them build up too long or it will be daunting.

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  14. Interesting subject...something we all juggle no doubt! The comments are great!

  15. Don't enter me please. I just wanted to chime in.
    I do get up an hour earlier now to handle e-mails, blog, facebook and BOC stuff. It has really helped me get back into the studio and create. I actually have a morning "to do list" that I refer to everyday.

  16. Email can really get ridiculous! haaaaaaaa

    I agree with Marcie--leave it in an unread status if you don't want to forget about it. And, unsubscribing to things you never really look at is a good way to whittle things down--even if I really think I'll want to look at it someday, I know I don't need to have all those daily updates--when I get time, I'll read a book or something instead!

    Plus, having the email come into my phone helps--during those minutes waiting in line or pausing for breaks are useful to get through some updates, mark some as important, and delete lots of them.



  17. The computer, be it emails or social networking or blogging or keeping up with the stores is the biggest drag on my time. I wish I had a solution other than doing it in "bursts" throughout the day rather than long sessions.

    Oh, I do have all etsy transactions notices show up in red when they come in so that they can't get lost in the shuffle.

  18. I love filters! About half of what I get are automated messages or related to specific topics. In Gmail, you can create a filter to catch everything from "CNN", "NPR", "NY Times" into a folder called NEWS for instance. You can even automatically mark them as read. I also filter for BEADS, SOCIAL MEDIA, WORK, NONPROFIT, etc. Very handy!

  19. Thanks for all your great comments and tips!

    The winner is Jen V....
    But don't despair!
    I just posted another giveaway!

    Leave us a comment and let us know a little bit about YOU!--- http://beads-of-clay.blogspot.com/2010/10/whooooo-are-you-giveaway.html


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