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October Second Saturday State of Your Studio

Welcome to the October 2010 Second Saturday State of Your Studio Post.

This post is where you can come to share the state of your studio (aka: your creative space).

I don't know about you, but my studio (Marsha Neal Studio by the way…) can be just about anywhere some days. Sometimes in the basement clay studio, sometimes on the coffee table, the kitchen table, sometimes outside on the patio, on my lap, on my phone blogging while waiting in the doctor's office…

Where do you find your creative space? 
And what is the state of it right now?

I have been in organizational mode in order to find my creative space often in the last month, trying to get everything into it's place in order to create flow in my studio…
Here is my new basement office space.

Boxes are being cleared, shelving erected, and I am actually able to sit and work on my computer and have printers and my wacom tablet (an electric pen and paper - very fun actually!) all within reach and in a place that allows for better posture and less back pain.

And I have been spending a lot of time in the studio as well filling orders for trunk shows, a few orders, new stuff for Etsy (those cutout flowers take so long to make), and now cabs…
I love my slab roller. This has been the best piece of studio equipment that I ever purchased.
I love my kilns, but this table is like my #2 in the studio with me - my sidekick…

Ok, now here is your chance to share what your studio or rather, creative space looks like...
Add a link to your studio blog post or pictures online somewhere (like FaceBook, Flickr, etc) then create a link back to this blog post (share the love I mean link…). 
Don't be scared, this is easy to do:
This is a great way to start to practice for the Beads of Clay open studio coming up on Oct 24th by the way… 
This is how we will be linking up blogs - on our own!

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