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October Nature Challenge

Nature's Inspiration in Clay Challenge!
Sharleen had a great post in the BOC blog a few weeks ago  on "Saturday's with Sharleen" about nature inspiring your clay work.  After reading  through, I started thinking  about how I could use these pictures in my own clay designs.  Then  I wondered how Sharleen might interpret her pictures and work them in to her designs.  Which led me to the thought…each of us will interpret these ideas in different ways using different clay,  glaze, shapes and impressions.  Making a mold or handforming …then put them to use in different ways.  It would be really interesting to see how each of us creates  a design from the same image.  

We've received terrific pieces for September and posted them today for everyone to view and vote on! 

Nature's Inspiration in Clay Challenge!
  • -Each month we will offer a new inspirational picture.
  • -Create  a design in a way that you interpret.
  • -Pottery clay must be used and it's your choice if you'd like to incorporate it into a finished piece of jewelry.
  • -Designs must be your own creation
  • -Email a picture of it with your contact information,  with the details and your thoughts about  creating your design.  Put a little info about you too…web/blog info, years working w/clay,etc.
  • -A collage will be created including everyone's submitted pictures  and posted on the blog  for you all to vote on.  We will post the winning piece/designer and details after the votes are in! It's simple! Just need a digital camera and a crafty mind!
  • -A winner will be chosen each  month after the challenge deadline and will receive a wonderful prize!
  • -Please have your pictures submitted by October 31st. 
  • -Email to :   natureclay@beadsofclay.org with "September's Nature Challenge" on the subject line
  • -All pictures submitted could possibly be reposted on the BOC related sites.
  • -Please go to the website after October 31st, to vote on your favorite creation. Don't worry! We'll send you a reminder when we post the entries!

 October's Challenge:
Autumn Glow
:by Melinda Orr Designs

We're excited to be offering cool tools, glaze, stamps, surprises and more for prizes.  Good luck! Can't wait  to see your inspirational ideas!

We welcome you to donate your pieces to the BOC Etsy Site which is helping to raise funds for fun programs like this .  If anyone is interested in donating a prize, please send a note to the email below.

I would also love to receive pictures of inspiration to use for the upcoming challenges.  Please  email  pictures  to natureclay@beadsofclay.org with "Nature Pics" on the subject line.  We may just use it!

I  see this challenge opening up our minds to think in different directions.  I'm excited to see what new pathways each of your designs & way of thinking will send me.

Now…open that big beautiful mind and  get creative!  The clock is ticking...

Melinda Orr
Melinda Orr Designs


  1. I LOVE that color combonation! Fall colors are my favorite it's no wonder that most of my bead stashes fall into the fall colors. The green be ind it is jsut so lovely.
    Thank for sharing! It's my fist spot of fall colors....can't wait!

  2. Hope you're creating something wonderful for this challenge! Can't wait either...Autumn here in PA is wonderful! This was taken in the woods behind our farm. I just found your etsy site, looks like you have some terrific supplies. I also work with metal & I'll be in touch soon..

  3. Simply Spectacular pictures, Thanks for sharing.


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