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Beads of Clay Open Studio Giveaway Winner and Feedback request

These beautiful artisan ceramic beads were the Giveaway on the BeadsofClay Blog which hosted the 2nd Annual Beads of Clay Bloggers Open Studio Tour on Sunday Oct. 24, 2010.  The winner of these beads, determined by the Random number generator, was Raida Disbrow.  Congratulations Raida!!!
The artists who made these beads, going from left to right are:

                          Melinda Orr Designs, SummersStudio,Lisa Boucher
                          MaryAnnCarroll Beads,MicicArt,MarshaNealStudioLLC
                           ChinookJewelry,MaryHardingJewelry, ClayDesignsbyGlee

We all want to thank everyone who visited the blogs and paricipated by openning up their studios.

We would like to ask you the visitor, the participant or the reader of this blog to give us feed back about the tour.  What did you liked about it?  How we can improve it?  Would you like to see it happen more than once a year?   Your comments will be most helpful for future Studio Tours.


  1. I loved the open studio tour! It's so fun to meet the artists, see what goes on behind the scenes, and learn a little about them.

    I do think the 15 minute time slot for the giveaways is too short and doesn't allow the reader to do more than skim the post and respond quickly.

    I can't wait until next year!

  2. Congrats Raida!
    I thought it was fun. I particularly liked learning about studio space and processes. And I was introduced to new artists.
    I had a hard time getting to all the blogs in teh 15 minutes, reading what they wrote and writing a response. I wouldn't think you could add any more players to the blog hop for that reason. It is always fun to win things, and I appreciated that there were discounts for those participating that I did take advantage of. If you do more than one, it would be fun to feature new or other artists to get more exposure, but if there are others that aren't in the hop that have a link with specials that would be fun too.

    Thanks for a great time!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I like the idea of having the "open studio" blog hop a couple times a year. Maybe we could split it into two groups: 1 "live open studio" for members that can be there live and 1 "open studio" for those members of BOC that want to participate, but have other obligations… Just list them under two different "inlinkz" programs so that there is a separation for ease of navigation for "live giveaways". There is something in the excitement of interacting live…

    And I think for the 2nd year there has been a loud cry for more than a 15 minute window for commenters - so that will definitely be addressed.

    I think we should do a mid to late January one since a number of us will be indoors anyway with the winter weather upon us…

  4. It was lot's of fun, but I agree the 15 minute slot is short and doesn't allow enough time to view everyones posts and pictures. I would love to participate in the next one!

  5. I enjoyed participating this year in this event. It was fun and exciting it being live. I do agree with Marsha that we could have 2 separate groups. Yes, we do need longer to leave comments on everyone's blog. A good measure could be 1 1/2 -2 minutes per artisans participating.

    I would love to do this 2 times a year....I met lots of new people just from having my 2 giveaways!!! THat was alot of fun.

    One more suggestion...might could be to have the BIG giveaway by the BOC group broken into several giveaways....that would give the opportunity for more to win..

    It was alot of fun and I am ready to do it again!!!!

  6. The event had a really festive feeling and definitely moved right along. It was great fun meeting and chatting with everyone.

    The best advice was preparing the blogs ahead of time so you can enjoy the event. Truthfully I had some but not all prepared, so I wasn't able to look around at the other blogs as much as I would have liked to.

    Maybe start the event at 1:00 instead of 2:00 and make the giveaways 30 minutes instead of 15?

    All in all, it was very well organized, I really enjoyed it, and would certainly participate again! I agree - February would be a great time to have another one. A post holiday muddy winter doldrums perk up!


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