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September Second Saturday State of Your Studio

Welcome to the Second Saturday State of Your Studio Post.

This post is where you can come to share the state of your studio (aka: your creative space).

I don't know about you, but my studio (Marsha Neal Studio by the way…) can be just about anywhere some days. Sometimes in the basement clay studio, sometimes on the coffee table, the kitchen table, sometimes outside on the patio, on my lap, on my phone blogging while waiting in the doctor's office…

Where do you find your creative space? 
And what is the state of it right now?

My actual clay studio looks like this:
Pretty clean, huh? That is because I am in the middle of some re-organization and cleaning…
And I just rolled out a quick slab the other day when I literally had 10 minutes to make something before I had to leave the house to pick up my little ones… 
So once everything was cut out & dried a bit under the two sheets of drywall, it went mobile:
It all ended up in the Florida Room (after spending some time on my lap outside, enjoying the nice fall weather setting in). It's still there: tomorrow will be day 2 if I don't get to it… 
I've been trying hard to keep the "studio stuff" in the "studio" but it's so hard when it's so nice outside…
And the above chair is my great-grandmother's chair (from her family before her most likely…). 
And it is where I love to sit and write up my blog posts. 
As you can see, it's not just my favorite chair (this is Stinker - our aging kitty…)

Ok, now here is your chance to share what your studio or rather, creative space looks like...

Add a link to your studio blog post or pictures online somewhere (like FaceBook, Flickr, etc) then create a link back to this blog post (share the love I mean link…). 
Don't be scared, this is easy to do:


  1. Hi Marsha, Great to see your studio and you "going mobile."
    I tried out the linking and it was easy. Such fun. Glad we can do this.

  2. OK - I'm a little late, but it's still September. :)


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