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More Beads-of -Clay Swap Pictures

My Studio On the Lake  Gail Barnett

Sedillo Hill Studio

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the wonderful beads and pendants and whistle  in our bead swap.  We are planning another one in January.


  1. Oh my! So many beautiful beads I missed. I couldn't participate this time and now I regret it.... next time right?

  2. These are all great! I love all the beads I got in the swap. I'm looking forward to the one in January!

    I wasn't able to be in the one before this and I was glad to jump back in. I know how you feel, Yolanda.

  3. Hi Yoli, I am so glad you will be able to participate next time. They are always such fun and such wonderful beads we all make.

  4. Hi Natalie, Glad you were in this one. The beads and pendants , and whistle are indeed wonderful. Hope you can join next time too.


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