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BOC Bead Swap

I am filling in for LeAnn this week as she is away.  Since we just had a swap in the Beads-of-Clay group I thought I would share some of the photos of the beads we all received.  I will show all of them over a period of a few postings.

                                                                Carpe Beadem

Vanessa Gilkes  Our Host who did all the hard work of sorting and mailing out the packages.  Thank you Vanessa

Laughing Lion Productions

LeAnn will be back next week. 


  1. Thank you again, Beads of Clay group for including me in the swap. What a special group of artists you are.

  2. Thanks so much Mary for posting the swap beads. It's such a beautiful collection it would be a shame to not show them off! I love mine and wore one yesterday!

  3. Thanks Mary! We surely do have a lot of talented bead makers in this group.

  4. Thank you all for writing in. I am glad that you are reading the BOC Blog and enjoying these wonderful artists beads by our ceramic bead makers.

  5. Sweet! I love seeing all the different ones. Such a talented group of artists.


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