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Second Saturday State Of Your Studio!

Each month we will discuss the different parts of your creative space and allow you to post a link to your blog post showing your "studio".

 This month we will discuss Storage options.
I have to say that Sterilite Plastic storage containers are my absolute favorite. I use tons of the 3 drawer style for my bisque pieces. They are stackable, really light weight, yet sturdy and have a clear view of what is inside.
And best of all I can usually find them at the local Aco Hardware for under $4.00 a piece.

This is a really large version of the Sterilite Storage drawers. These are awesome. They come with wheels if you want them really portable. I use them for all of my office supply stuff as well as.....you guessed it ....MORE bisque!

This one is metal with plastic see thru drawers. I bought this one at a machine/tool supply shop.Very sturdy, comes in lots of size variations.  Kinda pricey though. This would not be my first choice if you are watching your pennies.  But it is a really well made storage option.

BUT! If you are working on your jewelry in the living areas of your home, then you might like something a bit....prettier..........

This Library style Cabinet would stash TONS of jewelry making goodies.  Hummmmm.......if I divide the  clay up into smaller bags, I could store it in here too...... 

I have seen this style of drawer storage at shows. I really love the look of these. That tall one would fit into my living room!
So? What do you use to store your Jewelry making supplies? Plastic, Wood,  Metal?  Small containers? Huge Containers? Renting a storage unit down the street?
Or are you a closet Artist. Hiding tools in your sock drawer? Stashing beads in coffee cups in the Kitchen?
 "Misplacing" receipts in the trunk of your car?  Hey! It's storage space, right? :-)
Come on now, Fess Up!

Now is your turn to share…

Click on Marsha's to see how this works if you are not too familiar.
Thanks for sharing with the BOC community! 


  1. same as you......see thru plastic, some on rollers with stackables on top.

  2. Those are great storage ideas Marla. I use the stackable plastic boxes both big and the small tackle boxes for finished work and to keep my Etsy shop and Website separated.
    I also have some light weight plastic shelves that are able to manage very heavy loads and are easy to move and reassemble. But truth is I always seem to be short of storage containers and space and there is often overflo if I am busy on table tops in the livingroom and dining room. I try to never bring unfinished clay into the house/living area since I am careful about mixing food and clay.

  3. I love this topic! We are moving in a couple weeks and I will finally have a dedicated room for crafting so I am soaking up all of these ideas.


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