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Saturday's With Sharleen

Last spring I posted some pictures that I took while walking in the park with my dogs.  Today I took my camera again with the thought of  posting more inspirational nature pictures to inspire your clay work and jewelry designs.   We took a path through the woods that leads down to one of the creeks (there are 3 creeks that run through the park - hence the park name, Three Creeks).  The dogs both wanted to wade, which they've never done before, so I let go of the leashes and in they went.  One of them is a shih-tzu and she got all muddy and wet, but she had a ball.  The leashes were a mess too!
I hope the photos stimulate some ideas. I decided to concentrate on looking down at the ground, and tried to find interesting textures and color combos.  I thought the seed pods were a real find.


  1. Loved this article and it made me think.....we should pick one picture and each of us create a piece around that concept...over a few weeks period. Then post a collage of pictures submitted by everyone....a way to see how each person interprets it...help us to think outside our normal box... I'd help or coordinate if needed!

  2. Yes, I've been wanting to do something with those seed pods!

  3. Woah - I totally thought those seed pods were out of clay already - very cool!

    I like the idea of a picture that inspires work and holding a challenge of sorts. Those linear seed pods sound like a great place to start!

  4. I recognize the style - I knew those were your photos! You have a fantastic eye for capturing and sharing the organic beauty of the natural world. I'm inspired to take a walk with my camera, or maybe paint a pod!

  5. I took a class in black and white photography when I was in college. I also studied art. I think both help me to frame the picture as a composition. I love to hold the camera in a different way to bring out aspects of a natural object that would normally go unseen when just glancing at it.
    I have more pictures I didn't post. I'll post them my next turn on the blog which is a week from this Saturday.
    Thanks for the compliments, glad you find the pics inspiring!

  6. Twice now I have posted pictures on the blog of things in nature that I find beautiful or inspirational. These posts have been so well received that I decided to start a new blog. Every day for 365 days I will post a picture/s of something that I find beautiful, intriguing, or inspirational. I will also post quotes or poems that define my life and determination to focus on what is wonderful in this world, and to let the rest slip away.

    Please visit my blog for a daily dose of wonder!



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