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2nd Wednesday Giveaway!

It's that time Again!
Time to give something away! All you need to do is tell us about your workspace for jewelry designing. If you are a Ceramic Jewelry maker, tell about your Studio.  Just describe the space, layout, design, etc.
Todays Giveaway includes some great Pendants from a two of our BOC members! Over $50 worth of prizes! :-)
This first Pendant was created by Beth Roark of 
Carpe Beadem  What a beautiful piece!

This set of Ceramic Art was made by Gaea Cannaday of
Gaea  Awesome pieces in Clay!

The winner will be Randomly drawn from all the Comment makers.
.....Let the comments begin!


  1. My space was supposed to be my dog's condo next to the garage.... really cute. But dog is needy and lovable so she moved into the house. So what's a girl to do? but to start her studio. Enclosed walls, two windows, good enough size I think 8 by 14..... roughly. I have several shelf cabinets to store glazes, bisque, greenware, molds etc. And two work tables side by side.

    I have a kiln section with two small kilns that get fired several times a month.

    This room with all that it lacks (a/c) is the place where I am the happiest.

  2. Gerry Lee CruthirdWednesday, August 11, 2010

    My work space is ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!! Actually, I converted a bedroom for working with jewelry and small pottery pieces. I have 2 large tables and a dresser still in there....the drawers sure do hold alot of STUFF!!!! Kiln is in the garage. When working however.....often times things end up in the living room and at the kitchen table.

  3. How I envy those of you with a dedicated studio space...I have lots of space in the garage for my kiln and all my supplies but I usually set up a workspace somewhere in the house so I don't feel isolated!

  4. as of yet I am not a ceramic artist, although......I have plans for some time in the future to get a kiln and give it a try......for now I design jewelery, I have a spare bedroom I use as my beading space, it is wall to wall desks and bookcases, I have an L shaped desk with a hutch, as my beading surface, the hutch holds most of my multi drawer storage (6 nut&bolt type cabnets) and I have three rolling carts full of beads, my computer desk......plus the bookcases are full of beading books and magazines and more boxes of beading supplies, plus lots of lights and my industrial strength mag light (couldn't bead without it, as I am going blind) I haven't gotten to bead in a while, as my dad passed away recently, and I am dealing with his estate and have been staying at his house while doing so.....and will probably be moving there when everything is all done, so will have to start over bead space wise.....

  5. Right now it is massively temporary. But now that I have my show hung in the gallery for my first ever exhibit, I plan to pull it all out and reorganize. I need to utilize the space to the fullest and get over the fact that nothing matches (I had custom cabinetry in my last studio space - now it looks more like a garage sale gone wild). I think that this shift will help me focus and get more creative. The best thing is my antique Hamilton printer's cabinet. I had all the 21 drawers cleaned and painted white inside so that all my beads - including at least 4 drawers dedicated just to art beads - always looks great! Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day!

  6. At the moment, my husband has made room for me at one end of his snake room (yes snakes). I have a 5x5 area with a wood desk as my work station and several shelves on the wall behind the desk. We have been looking at buildings and I hope to have my own space by the end of the year.

  7. Wow - what beautiful pieces! I love that first one in particular!

    I wish I had an actual workspace. I used to have one, but after a divorce, a flood, a job change and a death in the family, well...it looks more like a bomb crater than a workspace.

    I do have a traveling laptop tray that sits on the floor next to my bed and I pick it up to use when I'm watching tv and beading in bed.

    The rest of my work gets done at a table in the lunchroom at my office and I carry all my supplies in every day in a big tote bag.

    It's my goal for the rest of the year to get that original workspace cleaned out and under control.

    Hey, it could happen ;-)

  8. I create my ceramic beads in two locations. I have a ceramic studio that also doubles as my husbands glass studio inside of Lisa Kettell's new store and I go to an art park on Monday nights as well. My studio is decorated in a real cool urban style with bright colors.

    When I want to make the beads into jewelry, I sit at a large desk in my apartments dining room. Nothing exciting but one of my cats usually plops down and joins me.

  9. Love the giveaway beads! I don't have a workspace - I have a slightly clear spot on the kitchen table and all my stuff is shoved in a big box under the table. Sad, huh?

  10. My husband got tired of my clay stuff on the dining room table so being a builder, he used a closet upstairs - expanded it outward, lifted up the roof, put some windows, a counter and shelves in there, and now I have a beautiful space that looks out over the backyard. He hates the word "Studio" because of a pesky customer that kept nagging him about her "Studio" so we call it the "Craft Loft". It's the perfect size for all of my glazes, tools, books, etc. and I don't have to put anything away if I don't want to.

  11. My studio includes a large broom storage closet where my kiln resides and where my supplies are located hence my biz name "Broom Closet Beads & Buttons". I create my ceramic beads, and do my staining/glazing on rolling 'computer carts' on the adjoining balcony and in my kitchen. As an apartment dweller, I think I have adjusted pretty well!

  12. I am one of the community of, as Marsha Neal said, basement dwellers! I have a large, semi-finished room downstairs. There is a futon for my dogs, a large round, low table where my giant plaster boards rest for drying pendants, a toaster oven for quicker drying, and a TV where I usually watch Turner Classic Movies all day while I work, because I can't stand the commercials on regular TV! My kiln is in the garden shed and I do my raku out there where I have a dedicated microwave for the purpose. If it's nice outside sometimes I take a big ball of clay out there and sit on the patio to work.

  13. Right now my studio is nonexistant as we are in the process of moving. When we get moved, I have a bedroom that is 12x15 feet. Needless to say I am rather excited! I finally have a space where I can leave out what I am working on as bead-stealing kitties won't be allowed.

  14. After 5 years in boxes in a shed, we have got 3 old shops that haven't been used for 20 years or so in our small country town. Every one just looks at the building and shudders - but we are slowly fixing things up and there is so much room for our collection of pottery stuff we have been collecting for years! Everything is second hand, mostly give aways - but it is amazing what imagination and a bit of paint can do. We have done clay classes for years at school, kindergartens etc but this time we are setting up to have a go for ourselves. Haven't acutally SOLD anything yet. A couple of other artists have come out of the woodwork along the way - so we also trying to make it a community hub for creativity - an alternative to farming and sport! I have got about 30 finished pendants, 100 bisque beads and pendents and about 500 in greenware at various stages. At the moment I try and get there 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes I can get a whole day, but more often or not it is just a few hours inbetween all my other commitments.

  15. My studio is in my son's old room, but most of the bead making and glazing I do is in the living room on a small tv tray. I store all the bead making materials (clay, glazes, tools, skewers, etc...) in the studio, though. Lastly my finished beads are stored in decorative containers in my den. My photography area is in the den, too. I suppose my studio is wherever I am at the moment.

  16. My kitchen nook with dining room glass top table is my work area...some what of an organized mess. I feel that I have to see lots of beads around me...projects to start...and then there's the plastic containers and bags of beads...all in sorted colors...really not a pretty picture for my family. What use the table to eat?...no way!

    I so wish I had a real work shop...a design studio would be wonderful. Sigh...Maybe someday.

    The giveaway is fantasic...you know I need more beads to add to the table...thanks.



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