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Tuesday Tips - Offer up Customizable Options

I've been doing a monthly art market for a bit over a year now. It's been a fantastic learning experience. One of the things I've learned is people come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, I know, that's pretty obvious. But I think that if you design jewelry, you tend to design either for yourself or some standard size. Bracelets are challenging for me because wrist sizes vary so much, from tiny to pudgy (like me :-). One of the things I've done over the last couple of months is make bracelets that can adjust from small to large. I also try design so I can take links out on the spot to customize the bracelet so it's comfortable for the buyer. Not only has this helped improve sales, people seem to enjoy having that little bit of extra care. It makes's it special.

That bracelet adjusts between a little over 7" to 8.25". It went home on a tall thin young woman minus two extender links for a perfect fit. So next time you do a show,  bring your tools and make somebody happy!

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  1. I'm terrible about this. I make my bracelets what I consider a standard size -- about 7.5 inches. Some end up being longer just because of the style or bead/link sizes. It never fails-if I make a smaller size they want it larger. If I make a larger size they want it smaller. Some styles are just not suitable for sizing, as it can change the entire look of the piece.

    I keep thinking I need to take my tools and jump rings with me, but I need a bright magnifying lamp to see if the jump rings are lined up and closed properly (darn these aging eyes). Also, I have this fear of losing customers while I'm sizing a piece for someone else.

    Right now I am just trying to make various sizes and hope the customers can find what they like.


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