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Heather Trudeau

This week's artist is Heather from the Peacock Fairy, a designer who lives with her husband Jon and their two chihuahuas in Battle Creek, Michigan after being raised in the Southeastern part of Wisconsin.  Although, she was unsure about the move 7 years ago, she felt at home with the Art Community that she could be a part of.

When Heather is not crunching numbers as an accountant for the Kellogg Company, she finds time to create her beautiful jewelry and components.  Heather's work can be found at the local Art Center's Gift Shop. She also is part of their Art Fair and is the treasurer of their Board. I guess you can say that she's found a way to make her education with numbers and her love of art work for her.  In addition, Heather's creations can be found in her two Etsy Shops Peacock Fairy and the other Loose Feathers. If you would like to learn more about Heather, check out her blog also called the Peacock Fairy

On another note...My best efforts were challenged while attempting to create direct links to the items below, but Blogger is just not cooperating today.  If you want more detail about the items listed, the links in print (above) will take you Heather's shops.   Thank-you and Happy Reading, MaryAnn
The name Peacock Fairy brings on quite a visual, where did the name come from?

I had come across this image of a little fairy and she was adorned in peacock feathers. So that is where the Peacock Fairy came from. At the time, I liked peacocks and fairies but since then, my main focus has grown to peacocks. I just love their beauty and collect so many peacock items!

How did you get started with your jewelry business? Was it a surplus of jewelry or something that you thought you would want to do right from the beginning?

I started making jewelry for myself about 10 years ago. People started asking about it and suggesting that I sell it so I did start to sell it by word of mouth at first. It has just grown from there.

When using ceramic beads/pendants, what it is that you like about them that makes them different from other beads?

The biggest thing I love about ceramic is the glaze! There are so many beautiful, unexpected colors.
I also love their versatility - you can make them into a very natural piece or you can
glam them up a bit.

I see that you also create your own woodburned components. I'm a huge fan of woodburning. How did that idea evolve?

Several years ago, I asked for the woodburning tool for Christmas. At the time, my intention was to make larger pieces - like picture frames or even small tables. But it was one of those things that just sat around even though I had the best intentions. When I started seeing what possibilities there were on Etsy, I wanted to come up with a new idea. Wood beads in jewelry design is very popular so that is where I got the idea to do woodburned beads and components.

Are there certain pieces of jewelry that you like to create more than others. For example, are you drawn more to bracelets vs. earrings? Why?

I tend to make a lot of necklaces, probably because that is what I wear the most of. But I know that is not the case for every customer. So I try to get some bracelets and earrings in the mix as often as I can, especially if I am doing a show.

Do you often have a plan in mind when you sit down to create something or are you like me as just 'wing it,' take it apart, 'wing it' for round two, etc.?

I think it's a mix of both. Sometimes, I have a specific plan for certain pieces. At times, it works out perfectly and other times I find that I am adjusting my plan once I get into the design because I will see that it is not working. Sometimes though, I do sit down and just wing it and that is really fun too. I am always surprised at what comes out of those sessions.

What is your favorite part of this business and what is it that you like
the least about it?

My favorite part of the business is the creating! And I think I am in line with most other artists when I say that I dislike the business part of it (taking pictures, writing up descriptions or blogs, pricing things, doing taxes). I do so much of that "paperwork" in my day job, that I really don't like to do it when it comes to jewelry.

Are there other venues that you sell at other than Etsy? Is so, could you tell us a little about that? If not, do you think that there might be in the future?

Yes, I sell at 2 stores in my city and I do at least one Art Fair every year. There are a few stores that I would like to approach in the future to see if I can get my work into them.

Thank-you Heather, for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself.

Ceramic beads pictured above are from the following shops or websites:

Round Rabbit, Earthenwood Studio, Lisa Peters Art, Diane Hawkey and Jubilee.


  1. What an interesing and inventive jewelry designer and bead artists. Her wood burning components are super. Thanks so much for sharing her creations with us, MaryAnn.

  2. This turned out wonderful! Thank you so much MaryAnn for including me as one of your interviews!

  3. It was my pleasure :O) I enjoyed reading it myself....


  4. A fellow Michigander! Yaah! What beautiful work. I am in Awe. :-)
    Thanks for sharing yourself with us!


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