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July Third Friday Glazing: Coyote Cone 6 Colored Celadons

I have a thing for translucent glazes...
Especially on my pendants that have some fine detail such as my flower design:
The above picture has my cutout flower pendants in all 12 of the colors that were on display at NCECA back in April, which I of course had to order immediately...
And I've got to tell you, I am smitten... with all of them!
It started with the samples, then the packaging (yes, I'm weird like that). I hate those styrofoam peanuts or stuff like that that falls out everywhere making extra mess for me to clean up...
None of that here... See!!! Just recyclable newsprint and cardboard.
I can't remember what the outer package had (it was inside a USPS Priority Mail box) but I was impressed at this level of organization of these sample sets! And way too excited to get into the studio to test them out...
And gotta love a company that puts the safety warning label on the outside of the box for advance warning! Good thinking on that one...

Ok... Onto the results...
I stir the glaze, then brush the pendants with 2 to 3 coats of glaze onto my Cone 6-10 porcelain clay.
If you need some visual on my glazing techniques, see my previous posts by clicking HERE...

And now that I have these to add to my glaze palette (will be using 8 straight from the jar) I can move onto doing some combination glazing.

And as Rosa suggested I am going to be starting layering these Coyote Clay translucent glazes with the Coyote Clay shinos from June's post to see what kind of cool combinations I can come up with. I'm itching too to get back to the Georgies Interactive Pigments as well... 
And one day if Amaco gets their PC Cone 6 into small 4oz jars, I'll be testing further with those as well... They have way too many good ones to be able to afford them all, and I have a bunch of them already to be able to order their pint sample packs.
Can't forget Spectrum and Laguna too... they have been my favorites for years...

Ok, another really cool thing about these clay companies, especially ones like Coyote Clay, is that their glazes are being created by and used by a lot of artists. Coyote's website even has a page full of tips on their particular glazes. It's like pulling a page out of my glazing notebook... See HERE.

Go get yourself some of their sample packs to try out for yourself - seriously - you won't be disappointed!!!


  1. Beautiful!!!
    Best wishes,

  2. This is such a great series. I love the way one builds on the next. These translucent glazes are beautiful. Thanks so much for doing this Marsha.

  3. Beautiful little works of art.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I've been on the fence about which of their sampler packs to order but now I KNOW which one I'm choosing!

  5. I've used them for a while and really like their glazes! Great job!

  6. Thanks! I do love a good glaze... So happy they keep expanding their lines. I wonder if they can make a very nice purple/pink (eggplant/magenta) "celadon" glaze. Love the translucency of these!

    Make sure to post any pictures and link to the bottom of this blog post - fun stuff! Even pictures of pottery, finished jewelry, whatever...

  7. Oh! I just checked back to see that you've mentioned my suggestion! Happy testing!

    There is actually a purple "celadon" at Coyote clay. I think it might be in the testing phase or Martin decided not to put it into production because I don't see it on the website.

    Oh, and another gorgeous combo is the metallic green shino under the peacock translucent! Worth a try...

  8. LOVE these! I've been wanting to try their celedons for awhile now. I think I have just been inspired!

  9. I just got some tests out of the kiln that combine the Coyote colored celadons with one of the Georgies Interactive Pigments… I can't wait for you all to see them in the August post! They are d'lish...

    Oh, and I think Coyote will be posting links on their FaceBook page to Beads-of-Clay blog!


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