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Tool Talk Thursday: Online Marketing Services

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Banner on my monthly Newsletter

This week I want to talk about email marketing services, tools for promoting your business on the web.  This newsletter service grew out of the need for an email version of what folks used to send out by snail mail, namely a newsletter or promotion about an event at a brick and mortar store. Now all this can be done easily at the computer and without the cost of stamps. 
Online marketing services organize your contacts, provide you with layouts, house your photos, and just about write the newsletter for you.  It is important to make sure that all the folks you send out your newsletter to have requested it.  This can be done by placing Sign Up For My Newsletter requests on your blog and website.  These services even give you the code for getting that on your blog.

Readers expect that much of your newsletter will be about you.  You can keep interest if you offer sales through you newsletter and if you offer content that is of special interest to your subscribers.
I have been writing monthly newsletters for about 2 years.  I really enjoy doing it and my readers seem to enjoy hearing from me.  I think email newsletters are a great tool and encourage you to try it.  Many companies will give you a free trial.  If you have less than 500 contacts, most companies are reasonably priced.

To help you sort through all the different companies that offer the service I found a site that gives a run down and comparison of 15 different services.  You can see that here.
If you are already sending out newsletters, how do you think this tool helps your business?  We would love to hear from you.


  1. Thanks Mary! That sounds like a great way to promote which is a question that was asked a while back on here by a reader....
    Great post :O) MaryAnn

  2. Thanks, Mary. This is great information. I've certainly enjoyed reading your newletter!

  3. Mary, I love getting your newsletters!


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