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This week's artist is Kathy Nomura, a.k.a., Kat, from the Etsy Shop JewelsbyKat.  Kat works full-time in a very busy law firm and still finds time to make jewelry and sell on Etsy.  I noticed in Kat's shop that she uses a variety of items that she photographs her jewelry with. I found that very interesting.  I think if you pop on over, you will see what I mean.  Not until, of course, you grab your coffee, tea or water and sit back and enjoy Kat's interview.

How long have you been creating jewelry?

Since about the age of 19. I was creating pieces for myself and one day my friend and I decided to participate in a craft show in a local mall. We made different styles of Japanese paper crane earrings which ended up doing really well. Shortly after that, I moved to Vancouver to study and have been working full time in a law firm so didn’t pick up jewelry making again until a few years ago.

Could you tell us a little more about the inspiration behind your designs?

It can be anything, from reading fashion magazines, to travel, to getting inspiration
from the beads themselves.
When you include ceramic beads, what qualities does this medium have that works well with your designs?

I love the versatility of ceramic beads. They look amazing with all sorts of media
such as pearls, metals, wood, etc.

Do you do shows as well as sell online?
 If not, have you considered doing that in your future?

I’ve been selling my pieces on etsy for less than a year now which has been keeping me busy and I have been asked to participate in a show this fall which I’m looking forward to.

What colors are your favorite to work with? What are your least favorite? Is a certain type of jewelry easier for you to think up a design for more natural than others.
I love natural earthy colors, as well as blues, teals and purples.
My least favorite would have to be orange.

Are most of your materials such as ceramic beads/pendants purchased online or do you prefer to shop in local bead stores?

I’ve been purchasing from other etsy artists. At the moment I’m loving Ingrid Mueller’s work. She goes by the name of Pottery Girl and is located in my hometown in the Okanagan. I’m a big supporter of local talent.

Do you have other creative interests that you like to partake in when you are not creating jewelry?

My husband and I enjoy participating in hiking/walking holidays in Europe. Not exactly creative but the scenery can be inspiring.

Thanks Kat for helping me to get this interview together.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the items pictured,
simply click the pic!

Ceramic bead artists featured in the jewelry above are Jubilee, Pottery Girl, WinchellClayWorks, EveryHeartCrafts, and NKPbeads.


  1. Very cool jewelry Kat! Love the Très Chic & fun descriptions and titles of your pieces on Etsy. I noticed the sheet music in one your bracelet photos, and the old fashioned photographs etc. You're quite innovative and it's obvious you enjoy creating!

  2. Love the interview and getting to know Kat a bit better.

    Beautiful jewelry! I love what she does with ceramic beads!


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