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Saturdays With Sharleen - Stencils

Today I am doing a tutorial on using a tool from the scrapbooking store to create ceramic beads and pendants. The tool is the paper punch, and I use it make stencils.
The supplies you will need are paper punches, card stock, a bisque bead or pendant, underglaze, glaze, and a needle tool.

On the left is a pendant I made with this method, and below that are 2 beads.
Below are the punches I am going to use for the design work. I use card stock to punch out the stencils, because it is thicker than regular paper and can withstand getting wet without falling apart. I punch out the pieces and then experiment with arranging them on the bisque in a pleasing pattern.

Next I coat the piece with white underglaze. This creates a smooth, even surface for the design. While the underglaze is still a little damp, I wet the stencils and place them on the piece in the previously decided pattern.

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