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Saturdays With Sharleen - Stencils

I use my fingers to press the paper firmly to the bisque. It is necessary for the pieces to adhere very well, or they will lift off when I dab on the covering layer of underglaze.
Now I begin dabbing on the turquoise underglaze. The sponge should have very little underglaze in it...too much, and it will seep underneath the paper. This step requires patience and care. Dab, dab, dab, a little at a time, gently. You want to check and make sure all the little white spots close to the paper edges are covered solidly with underglaze.

Next I dab on a little more color, some tan and chartreuse.
While the paper is still damp, I remove the stencils with a needle tool. Again, this requires care. I gently lift one edge of the paper with the needle, then lift off the paper. It ususally doesn't come off in one piece and takes several triesl

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