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Saturdays With Sharleen - Stencils

Here the stencils have been removed. Now I am adding detail with black underglaze. I also use the sponge to dab on a little charteuse and tan underglazes on top of the turquoise.

All of the detail has been added. Now I am dabbing glaze with color crystals onto the piece. Be careful where you put the crystals. They spread, and you don't want them to cover any of the design. I need to move the one on the bottom right.
Finish the piece by covering the whole thing with clear glaze. The underglaze must be VERY dry before the clear glaze is applied. It can be baked in a toaster oven to "set" it, or use a hair dryer. You will not be able to tell until after the piece is fired, but if the underglaze is not dry or the clear glaze is carelessly applied, the design will come out of the kiln smeared and your project ruined. Dab the clear glaze on carefully with a sponge to prevent the fired design from looking smeared.
I am going on vacation tomorrow and will not be blogging next Saturday. When I get this piece fired I will show how it looks finished.


  1. Great Tutorial Sharleen. I have never tried this but the results you are getting a lovely. Look forward to see how this one turns out. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. How fun! I have tried this..... but I am not very patient and I messed it up. Will try again. Can't wait to see it fired, but I will be patient and wait till you get back, have fun!

  3. I love this stencil idea. I have played with my punches a bit but never thought to use them as stencils. Great idea and thanks for sharing!


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