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June Third Friday Cone 6 Glazes

Sometimes it's nice to just open a pint of glaze, brush it on, fire it and get something out of the kiln that just works...

There are some great glaze companies out there that allow you to do just that... Coyote Clay is one of them:

While at NCECA this spring Coyote had some specials running on sample size containers of glaze, so I ordered a dozen of their Cone 6 Shinos and a dozen of the Franks Colored Celadon Glazes. If you visit their website, they may be running some sort of special. But with time I am sure that will change...

Here are the results from the Cone 6 mostly Shino Glazes (as of 6/21/10 the names have been updated):

Above Photo...
Top Left: Shino
Top Right: Blue Shino
Bottom Left: Green Shino
Bottom Right: Desert Sage

Above Photo...
Top Left: Light Blue Shino
Top Right: Really Red
Bottom Left: Alabaster Satin
Bottom Right: Cedar Shino

Above Photo...
Top Left: Goldenrod Shino
Top Right: Plum Shino
Bottom Left: Pistachio Shino
Bottom Right: Steel Gray Shino

And while testing these glazes, I had a few others to glaze... Upon opening this pint of Coyote Mottled Blue glaze I found this:

How cool does that look? I'm happy I tend to stir most of my glazes and not shake them or I may have missed that texture on that particular glazing day...

But once stirred it all dissappeared and the glaze was ready to use. Just some sort of bacteria growth...
Happy Glazing!

-- Pictures Taken With & Posted From Marsha Neal Studio with the iPhone.


  1. I really like Coyote Glazes! and I also left another manufacturer's glaze open for 1 month only to find the coolest ever bacteria and crystals growing on it... it made me sad to make it go away..

    One day I will graduate to sample tiles and one day coyote will make a better label for their glazes because the ones they currently use (even though they are better than the ones 3 years ago) still have some problems.. but they still make great glazes!

  2. This post was perfect because I just asked about Coyote glazes on the yahoo group the other day. I'm considering buying a sampler set since they have so many glazes I'm dying to try.

  3. I've got a couple of Coyote glazes I use and love them. These sample packs are a great way for bead makers to test out new things without breaking the bank!

  4. these test tiles look great,i've never tried coyote but i love Georgie's texture sculptural(?) glaze line..layering them gets some cool results..

  5. Ooooo ....I love those shinos! On one of the sets, the second set "top", is a lovely mottled blue ... what is it?

    I have never used Coyote glazes. These are terrific. Thanks, Marsha!

  6. I don't think there has been a Coyote Glaze that I haven't liked yet... And it has been cool to see them coming into the market and carving out their own niche in the Cone 6 glaze world.

    And they are SUPER smart offering all the test sizes of glazes. It's too costly to order pints of glaze only to find out what you ordered isn't going to work out for you. 4 oz jars are much easier to feel better about letting them sit on a shelf for a while if need be.

    Both Georgies and Coyote are smart like this! I think Amaco does this, but not sure about their new PC series which is also cone 6. If so, I haven't been able to locate them easily!

    I've got the Colored Celadon Pack in Route and I can't wait to open them up... I love the way translucent glazes pick up the details of my textures!

    Oh, and colors of these have all been updated on the blog post...

  7. The work on your blog is inspirational!

    I actually have a studio at Coyote Clay and have been there about ten years (give or take). I'm glad to see Martin's glazes getting some love. They're awesome. I'm lucky, as a studio member, to have access to his full line of glazes.

    If you get the chance, try some of the new transparent glazes. They're awesome to layer with the shinos and they don't run, even when layered. One of the best combos is the new root beer transparent with the desert sage shino.

  8. Great post Marsha. And so timely since there have been questions on the Yahoo group about cone 6 glazes. Wonderful to see all those examples of the different colors. Thanks so much for posting this.


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