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It's 2nd Wednesday giveaway time again!


Well, a month has gone by and the winner for our MAY GIVE AWAY is.......Abeille a meil!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Please send convos through etsy to Cindy Dolezal, Shaterra Clay and me-Artisan Clay with your address so that we can send out your prizes. Thank-you to last month's contributors!

Now, we are on to our June's 2nd WEDNESDAY GIVEAWAY and just look at the FABULOUS pieces of art that you can receive...
This crescent pendant along with the coordinating beads are the courtesy Marla's Mud.
I just love that crackling effect on the glaze. 

Vlad from Golem Design Studio donated this very detailed floral pendant. As a ceramic bead artist, I know that LOTS of time went into creating this pendant! I think it is perfect for summer!
Our group of Blog Authors are working on setting up a monthly design challenge. We would love the hear your theme ideas, this month's question is:

"What are some of your design challenge theme ideas?"
Feel free to leave more than one idea, or repeat someone else's idea if you think it is a good one!

We will be using your ideas to help come up with our next few month's challenge themes

That's it!! We would love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment and you will be entered to win those fabulous prizes!!


  1. Congratulations Abeille! I'd love to see a challenge mixing say, ceramics (of course) and metal. Or ceramics (of course) and fiber. or, well you get the idea.

  2. We have 2 ideas for the design challenges - "Make it simple" and the opposite - "Make it REALLY complicated"

    For us as artists challenging ourselves time to time is one of the important self motivating factors, it adds fun in the studio, and kills the routine of the regular work day.

    Vlad & Kremena
    Golem Design Studio

  3. How about "Summer by the Sea" as a theme. or "Organic Ocean Designs". Love the beads in the giveaway!

  4. Congrats to Abeille! A challenge I would like to see is using ceramic beads with Bronz or Coppr metal clay as well as PMC. It would be fun to experiment with these and share the results.

  5. Yeah! I love these ideas!

    I'm gonna second the Ceramics and Metal, Ceramics and Fiber, Make it simple, and make it Really Complicated ideas!!!

    Too bad I'm not allowed to win the giveaway!

  6. Shrink plastic! I'm dying to play with it!

  7. How about the theme of 'Summer Sunsets' or 'Northern Lights'

    I just love those focals.

  8. A second for the Summer by the Sea, the Sunset Challenge or combining the metal clay idea. I've never used metal clay before and have been wanting see what it's like to work with. What about a Glass with Clay challenge?


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