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Creating with Beads-of-Clay Bead Swaps

Many Beads-of-Clay Yahoo Group members and Beads-of-Clay Ceramics Art Forum members  have participated in bead swaps over the years.  Often we just keep our bead collections in plastic bead boxes.  I don't hear too often of how folks use their beads or see what they make.   Marti Conrad came up with the idea of making a wreath with her collection of Beads-of-Clay beads.  Today I am sharing photos of how she has displayed her collection of ceramic beauties.

The great part about displaying her cache on a wreath is that it is such a great way to hang all those fabulous ceramic pendants that the group made.

And here are even more wonderful pendants. I also like the way she strung the beads together and hung them in groups on the wreath.

Thank you so much Marti for sharing your collection with us.
You can see Marti's own ceramic beads, buttons and pendants in her Etsy Store here

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Beads-of-Clay Yahoo Group please contact us here. and for the Beads of Clay Ceramics Arts Forum here.


  1. Very cool way to display all of those awesome pendants and beads!

  2. Love it! what a nice way to display it Marti.

  3. This is a fantastic project. I can even see my little pendant in there :-)

  4. Thank you! I tried to get them all to face forward! It was easier for some than others...lol


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