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What's in the soup?

Hey Guys!  Have you heard about the Bead Soup Blog Party Lori Anderson has organized? 

Here is the short scoop:  1. Everyone who has agreed to participate will send a focal, a special clasp, and a small assortment of coordinating beads to a bead swap partner.   2. Everyone then makes a piece of jewelry using the focal and clasp that they were sent in the swap.  The coordinating beads are an extra resource that the designer can choose to use or not.

I found some suspicious ingredients in some of the soup packs photographs in the Bead Soup Party Flickr Group....  could it be Ceramic Beads?

This Photograph was posted by Alterity Art

This Photograph was posted by Spirited Earth
This Photograph was posted by designsloretta

This Photograph was posted by Spirited Earth

This Photograph was posted by designsloretta

This photo posted by one-eared pig
This photo was posted by Artisan Clay (me!)

This Photo posted by secondsurf featuring Diane Hawkey Ceramic Beads

This photo posted by Malin de Koning

I also found a few Ceramic Bead Artists in the participants list on Lori's Blog.

#21. Diane, Diane Hawkey
#42. Nancy, The Rabbit Muse
#72. Cindy, Cindy Dolezal Designs
#93. Kristie, Artisan Clay

Don't forget to check out Lori Anderson's Blog to see a full listing of the participating Jewelry Artists and Don't forget to check back the week of June 19th to see every one's finished work!

Are you playing along?????   Have you gotten anything made yet?  Or are you still just swimming in ideas like me?


  1. I think we need to have our own Bead Soup!!!! Anyone up for it?

  2. Good Sleuthing Kristie and wonderful finds. Yeah for Bead Soup. I participated last time but knew I couldn't plant a veggie garden and make soup at the same time along with everything else. But I know I am missing out on the fun. So lets do one here--a little later on, like Fall?

  3. i did last bead soup and it was soo much fun that i signed up for this one as well..i would say YES for you to organize one in the fall..

  4. I got a lovely mix of lampwork and silver! So far I have made a pair of earrings and a bracelet!! I can't wait to share more!!

  5. This is my first Bead Soup. I'm partnered with Jen V who sent me a fabulous glass focal that I ended up using as the clasp. Oh, but don't tell Jen. She can't see til the 19th.

  6. Yeah! A fall BOC soup sounds great!

    Cindy-- I saw your soup on Flickr, but I was unable to copy your photo to use in this post.

  7. Oooo I'm so excited you guys chose a photo posted by Alterity Art because that's my ceramic pendant on there!


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