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Saturdays With Sharleen - Swap Necklaces

Last month Beads of Clay did a new kind of swap. Participants had their names placed in a hat and two at a time were drawn. These two artists exchanged beads and/or pendants. The recipient agreed to make a necklace or other item with their partner's work. Here are the results of that swap. Each artist now has a photo of a finished piece that they can use for advertising/promotion, like Fire Mountain Gem's "suggested use" pics.
Here they are....drum roll please!
Top left: Lisa Boucher/Mary Harding Pendant
Top right: Gail Barnett/Susan Rouleau pendant
Middle: Denise Michaud/Sharleen Newland pendant
Bottom left: Mary Harding/ Lisa Boucher pendant
Bottom right: Marti Conrad/Elaine Ray pendant/beads


  1. What wonderful pieces everyone made. Thanks so much for posting them Sharleen. It is great to see how versatile ceramic components can be.

  2. Don't they all look great together? Fabulous job all of you designers!

  3. Yay! Thanks Sharleen :) So interesting to see everyone's ingenuity in putting the pieces together, and to see all of these beautiful creations side by side - what a talented group!

  4. Yeah! What a great group!

    I had a lot of fun with the project. Thank you for organizing it! It is wonderful to see everyone's finished work!


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