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Saturdays With Sharleen - Bead Roller Tutorial

Hi, today I thought I would share my method for making ceramic beads with the plastic rollers that are sold for use with polymer clay. I have seen a few comments on the BOC chat that people find them difficult to use with earth clay. I have been using them successfully with earth clay since I bought a huge set of them at the Bead and Button show in 2003.

Here is a picture of the tools that I use to make these beads. I use a clay extruder because it makes a coil that can be cut into measured pieces to make consistent sized beads. You will need a clay knife and bead hole maker. I just bought these pokers, they are also made for polymer...they came in a package of 3 sizes. Nice.


  1. Okay, now I know why I never could get my bead roller to work. I didn't realize that it didn't need two parts. I could have just used my fingers. I'm feeling quite stupid right now. ha ha! :)

    Thanks for the photos. They are worth everything!

  2. Thanks, and it is fun to try different sized pieces of clay, to see what kind of bead shape you get.


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