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Saturdays With Sharleen - Make a Beaded Bail

Good morning...today for my blog I thought I would share this idea I had for using a ceramic donut. It is easy to make a beaded bail for a donut and turn it into a necklace.

1)Just take your stringing material, and string on enough beads to loop them through the donut, and meet again on the top, with no stringing wire showing between the beads or at the top.

2)Take a larger bead and slide that over both ends of the stringing wire. Then separate the ends, and continue stringing each side.

3)And Voila! Your donut has become a pendant.


  1. I really like to ready posts about making jewelry. Finding new ways of stringing pendants and donuts is so helpful. Thanks for the great tutorial Sharleen.

  2. I was in a shop doing a trunk show, and one of the employees was looking at my pieces. She picked up a donut, and said, "How do you use this?" I was startled because she is very experienced and has won contests and been published in B&B, although she mostly does bead embroidery. So I thought it might be a good tip.


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