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Honoring the Earth Challenge

We have another beautiful entry to the Honor the Earth Challenge!
Look at all these wonderful beads by
Clayworks of New Hampshire
Handcrafted Jewelry and Ornaments by Lisa Boucher

I really like how Lisa made her donuts with two holes.   I can see a lot of stringing options this this group of beads!

Lisa used the last photo in the challenge as her inspiration. 

Thank you all for participating!  A random winner was chosen from all our entries and the winner just happens to be the first person to finish their entry, Cindy Dolezal!  Cindy will be getting a wonderful grab bag from Marla's Mud! 

We here at the Beads-of-Clay Blog would like to continue to run challenges from time to time...perhaps monthly....   So that leads me to the question;  What makes a good Challenge?  What makes you as a designer jump into the design chair and get to work?  Is it all about the prizes?   Or is it something else?


  1. Thanks so much for the post. I'm just grateful for the inspiration and motivation. Thanks for the creative spark to paint outside the box. Congrats to Cindy ~ :)

  2. Thank you so much. I love challenges for the same reason as Lisa said. They really do serve to nudge you out of your comfort zone and create something you might not have created without the challenge.

  3. Those are wonderful beads Lisa and you made them up into a lovely piece. I also love the way you displayed the beads in a clay bowl.

  4. Fabulous Entries!!! I am sending a goodie bag to BOTH of these entries!!!
    COngratulations ladies!

  5. Thanks, Marla. And today is my birthday!! What a great gift.

  6. That's very sweet. You guys are awesome. Happy Birthday Cindy! :)

  7. And Gail? Would you like a freee goodie bag too? Just e-mail me your address!

  8. Really Really beautiful work!!! Congrats! When a challenge is announced it is like a little push in a specific direction.For people like me with the attention thing, this is very helpful. And I'll admit the prizes are a stimulus because I love love love clay!!! Sometimes-especially lately- things pop up and a deadline won't be met, but the creativity has been a brewin and that is a wonderful thing:)


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