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Beads-of-Clay spotting! Do you have BEAD DREAMS??

I certainly do, and so did a few other clay bead makers I know!
I have heard of two clay bead makers who's work has been accepted into the Bead Dreams Competition at the annual Bead And Button Show in Milwaukee this summer.  Do you know of any more???

First off, we have a beautiful and detailed focal set by Vlad and Kremena of Golem Design Studio    I can see why their wonderful work has been accepted!  I have been a fan for years!

And check out Joan Miller's set of Veggie Buttons on their way to the show!

One of the things about Bead Dreams is that you have to consider how your entry will be displayed when it gets to the show.  Look at this great display Joan has made just for this button set.

Great Job Guys!  I am so proud that you are going to be representing the Earthen Clay community at the Bead and Button Show this year!  I can't think of two bead artists whom I admire more.  Knock 'em dead!

But..... Wait a minute....     What about the rest of us???
What are we to do?  Just put those fancy little creations up on a shelf?  But we worked pretty darn hard to get our entries together, and Hey!  I still think that they are great!

Well show them off! 
I found these three sets of clay bead goodness on a great Fan Page on Facebook called "Didn't Make it into Bead Dreams - But still Winners!!!!'s"

The beads artists are ---clockwise from top left, TGL Designs-- Tracy can be found at http://www.facebook.com/tgldesigns and on etsy at http://www.tgldesigns.etsy.com, Tari Sasser of  http://www.claybuttons.com/, and me, Kristie Roeder of www.artisanclay.etsy.com

The Facebook Page was created by clay artist Lisa Peters, and is just full of wonderful creations by fabulous artists.  So if you were feeling even a bit down in the dumps about not getting into the show this year, just page through the albums and admire the WONDERFUL art works, that like mine, just didn't make the cut...  You know...    the display space is only so big.  And your fabulousness just might have been too overwhelming  :-)


  1. I am always amazed at how wonderful and different bead makers design their beads.

    Is that facebook fan page still there? I'll add my two entries if so.

  2. Yes Natalie! It is still there!

    Here is a link--- http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Didnt-Make-it-into-Bead-Dreams-But-still-Winners/105171922860048

    There is a Lisa Peters Art set in the albums too, but for some reason it looked really blurry when I added it to the blog. I think the image was too small or else I did something wrong.

  3. Love these pics! Oodles and oodles of creativity!!

  4. Hi I just wanted to leave the correct link for TGL Designs. On facebook Tracy can be found at http://www.facebook.com/tgldesigns
    and on etsy at http://www.tgldesigns.etsy.com

  5. It is really hard to break into some contests. I think that these artists are all winners in my book and ones that I have bought from and will buy from again! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Sorry Tracey! I think I fixed it!

    Thanks Erin! Thanks Mary Ann!


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