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Warm and Cool Color Schemes

Today is the start of the Warm and Cool color scheme challenge! Here we have some examples of clay bead jewelry I found looking through Etsy shops. I found this HOT Babe in Joan Miller's etsy shop. Joan used the hot colors of Red and Orange on her mermaid's hair and bikini.
In this Piece-- Heart on a string by MaryLou Holvenstot.
MaryLou used a clay button by Lisa Peters ART. Red is also a Warm color.

I love this Mellow Yellow necklace by Jen Judd Velasquez-- It uses a yellow "pumpkin" pottery bead that she picked up while on vacation a while back in North Carolina as well as a Kazuri bead

Now we switch over to the cool side of the challenge with Carol Dean Sharpe's Early Morning Tidal Pool. Carol used a Lisa Peter's ART Button in her Cool colored design.

And as soon as I started picking out cool color schemed designs, I knew I wanted to include this cuff by Tocadora Leather. Check it out--Principessa Azzurra Leather Cuff with Stoneware and Metal ButtonsAnd one more Cool example by Joan Miller--- Tiny Dancer Ballerina Pendant
Here is what Wiki says about warm and cool color schemes-- Warm color schemes do not include blue at all, and likewise, cool color schemes do not include red at all. For example, a color schemes that includes "warmer" colors are; orange, yellow, and red-orange. "Cooler" colors are green, violet, light blue ect.


  1. Great examples of beautiful ceramic beads used by some wonderful designers. Thanks for posting these for us.

  2. These are fabulous! I LOVE the hot momma!!

  3. Thanks so much, Kristie! I love the pieces you chose, and I'm honored that you included Heart on a String. The expressions on those little faces of Joan's are hilarious. :-)

  4. These are great. Hot Babe is just too cute. I will check these all out.

  5. Here is a link to the timeline and all the important information on the color challenge-- http://beads-of-clay.blogspot.com/2010/01/beads-of-clay-blog-color-challenge.html

    The warm and cool color challenge ends on May 14th :-)


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