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A Matter of Place...

and a matter of taste.  Here's some pictures of what came from the woodfire kiln yesterday.  This turquoise glaze is beautiful and has many different effects on each individual bead.  These effects are based on placement inside the kiln.  Woodfiring works well with certain glazes and is very tempermental with others.  We have been experimenting with this turquoise glaze.  This particular glaze has various effects based on where it is placed in the kiln.  You can click on the pictures for a closer look.

The turquoise and silver develop when flame comes in direct contact with the bead.  This group (above) is the premium group to me since I love the blue and silver combination and they are very smooth to the touch.

The beads in the above picture, in my opinion, have their own beauty, but are not as beautiful as the first group.  They came out mostly silver with turquoise accents.

These (above) were hit with direct flame as well as spending more time in a reduction (lack of oxygen) atmosphere.  This created the turquoise, silver, reds (from the reduction) and grays from the wood ash landing and melting on the bead.  Very cool!  The next group (below) also sat first class receiving the benefits of being in a reduction atmosphere that works fabulously with the beads.

And lastly, you can see the many beads (pictured above) that didn't have prime seating.  Of course, this is a matter of taste.  Some may find these to be the most beautiful with their very rustic appearance.  I, personally, love rustic, but I also like foofy shiny stuff!  Not everyone does.....so, thankfully, we bead artists all know.... 

"Beauty is in the eye of the "BEAD" holder!!"  What's your opinion? 

All beads will be listed on Etsy sometime in the next few days.  Discounts will be available for those beads who ended up riding coach as opposed to first class :O)

One more thing.....Please email me at msmaryann60@gmail.com with any stories that you would like to share with beads-of-clay!  THANKS LOTS!!


  1. I like them all, but the first batch looks like real turquoise, like semi-precious stone.

  2. Hard to choose which ones I like best. I love the reduction effects and the wood fire kiln environment gives a beautiful depth to all of your beads.

  3. WOW!! Love the first batch, and the last batch the best!!

  4. They are all so different. We are going to try another glaze that Bill has made some fabulous pieces using.
    Kelli~ I knew you would like that last batch just as much ;o)

  5. I want them all. They should be mine. All of them.
    Selfish with the Beads Shannon

  6. You're funny Shannon!! And Congrats on being the latest member of ArtBeadScene!

  7. jewels50.etsy.comThursday, April 29, 2010

    Maryann, I love the look of your new beads, how fun is that to see what they will look like when they come out, but at the same time are you a little nervous? I will be dropping in, I am in the market for something different.

  8. Really interesting about the way the wood firing affects the beads. To me they all look wonderful. Great photos and great beads.


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