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Kelli's Beads Before Leaving From NY to IN

Happy Monday!  It's happy for me because today is the 1st Monday of Spring Break!!  YAY!!  Time to obsess 'bout making beads ALL WEEK!  Today I'd like to share some pictures from a designer that is very special to me even though we've never met in person...~I do hope that we do one day~  (Maybe I can coordinate our summer trip to Michigan to see my sister with one of Kelli's shows in Indianna.)  That would be so cool!! 

Design Using Ceramic Beads from Many Artists
Not only has our friendship developed, but so has Kelli's love for ceramic beads.  She was using mine in many of her pieces and then decided that she would like to try her hand at this form of art.  Well...One thing led to another and then another and I had offered to send her a kit with a little tutorial so that she could make her own.  She made a fabulous assortment, sent them back in bubble wrap, along with being submerged in sawdust like my hubby Bill recommended (thank-you Bill) and they all survived the greenware trip from Indianna to New York!  After bisquing, they were shipped back to Kelli with some of her favorite glazes and then made the trip back once again.  Today, they are on their final journey back to Kelli's.  I think she will LOVE them!  I'm excited about her receiving them and seeing what designs she comes up with!  What a VERY TALENTED WOMAN!!  and....~Just in time for today's "Monday News"~

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  1. I think Kelli may be hooked! A small doll/test kiln may be in her future!!! Welcome to the clay bead making family!!!

  2. Thanks Marsha....By the way, I just went to a bead show in Syracuse on Saturday. Your pieces were one of only a few artisan beads and the ONLY ceramic! I could not believe how much inventory you had! I'm envious :O) They weere awesome!!

  3. Yeay! A new ceramic bead artist. More ceramics!!!!!

  4. That's so cool!! I love the designs and you're so sweet to help her grow!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, Mary Ann, and especially for your generosity. Making the beads was SO much fun. I can not WAIT to use them!!!!!!!!! Yes, Marsha, there is definitely a kiln in my future. Although, I doubt I'll ever be as talented as Mary Ann, and many of you.

  6. I just love everything about the necklace. The beads, colors and the creative way it was put together with wire, metal and different mediums. Very inspirational!

  7. Kelli is so modest and her talent exceptional!!!


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