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Honoring Earth

Hello, I am Sharleen Newland of Shaterra Clay Studio, and I will be blogging for BOC on Saturdays.
Today, in honor of Earth Day on Thursday, I wanted to write something nature related. ( Be sure to read all the way through to get contest info related to this post.)
Getting out into nature is a great way to overcome "creator's block" and get some new ideas to get you going again, as well as a way to renew oneself spiritually.
I take my dogs to the park almost every day. I love experiencing the change of seasons and it is amazing how things change almost daily in the spring and fall. I am lucky enough to live in a city with a thriving Metro Parks system that is well supported by the community. Just 2 miles from my house there are 3 parks connected with paved trails, (and trails through the woods) with ponds, and it is possible to walk for hours without having to turn around. This spring at 3 Creeks there is an eagle's nest (the eaglets hatched 2 weeks ago). Now that the trees are in leaf, the nest is no longer visible, but a nice man let me look through his scope about a month ago, and I got to see the male (well, the top of his head) warming the eggs.

Today on my walk I took my digital camera, and starting with my own garden I tried to look at things differently and record what I saw with my camera. The digital camera and editing software are such wonderful business and artistic tools. Ain't technology grand?
I hope you find artistic inspiration within my images.
Now for the Contest!
The winner will receive a grab bag from Marlasmud, worth at least $50.00!
Please use these images to inspire a new piece of Artwork using Earth clay in some way. It could be a bead or pendant, or a piece of jewelry made with a clay bead or pendant. You have till Saturday May 22nd to get your pictures in to us! Judging will take place Monday May 24th by a panel of 6 BOC members, with the winner being anounced by Tuesday May 25th.
Good Luck!


  1. Beautiful post Sharleen. Wonderful photos and inspiration.

  2. Very Cool pictures! I find nature inspirational as well!! Thanks for sharing beautiful pics :O)

  3. So true. Get out there and experience life! The photos are just wonderful.

  4. Marla, where should the pictures be sent?

  5. Send them to me at sales@bisquebeadsupply.com


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