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no one yet, silly ;o)  The party has just begun!!  And what a great party it is....Look at the goodie bags that you can get in the mail!!  And ALL you have to do is:

FOLLOW the beads-of-clay blog...If you already do, GREAT, your job is that much easier!!

Make and comment about the value of ceramic beads:

~their use in jewelry~~ how you use them yourselves~~or how others use them~~ if you are a bead maker you can add a little of your experience~~why this is the medium that you have chosen to create with~~what clay do you prefer to work with, why?~~ etc.  It's UP to you! 

You're a creative bunch, RIGHT? 

...so whatever you can add to this challenge in terms of promoting the artistic use of ceramic beads and/or ceramic bead making would be fabulous!  I'm a teacher, but I promise I won't be grading these!!  So with all of those words said, just look at what you can win......

These fabulous khaki colored beads were donated by Natalie Pappas.  Natalie makes wheel thrown and hand built pottery both big and small!!  She has such a variety of talents from stoneware beads, raku beads to wheel and hand-built creations.  Check out her blog to learn more about what she has been up to!

Then, there is Mary Harding and her awesome pendants, beads and jewelry.  Mary has been making cermic beads since 1998.  You can see the years of experience in her work! She has such an extensive talent.  Don't miss out on more of Mary's jewelry designs, along with a bead making video tutorial on her blog!! 

Lastly, These are the beads that I am donating for this first "2nd Wednesday Challenge."  I don't have the years of experience that the other two artists have, but I'm catching on...  My love for ceramic bead making followed shortly after my initial love of jewelry making 3 years ago.   I offer more ramblings on my blog ;o)

Well, there you have it....And can you believe that we are making this so simple?    Don't miss out on your chance to become a follower of beads-of-clay!!! 

~~I will use an online number generator to choose the winner on Sunday, May 12th~~


  1. For me the answer to "why use ceramic beads in my jewelry"
    is very very simple. They are unique, handmade,and inspire me. I like earthy, rustic and casual.... what's more earthy than clay?? Every piece I make starts with me picking up one handmade bead or pendant, and letting it inspire me and direct the colors and shape of the piece. When I'm finished, I've created something no one else has or will, because of the uniqueness of the components.

  2. I make ceramic beads and use them in my own jewelry creations as well as offer them for others to use. I just love the feel of the raw clay and then the glazed beads when they are fired. They have a comforting weight to them. Keeps me grounded I think.

  3. Great post for the Giveaway. I started making ceramic beads because I couldn't find beads with big enough holes back when I was making macrame necklaces. Then I discovered that they look great with freeform peyote stitch, my other love. Now I love them for all the wonderful colors I can get and the uniqueness. I also like that they look organic and add a handmade look to most anything that they mix with.

  4. I used to make pocelain beads during my college years so I am a fan of ceramics.In college it was about being able to control firings & making jewelry faster than producing pottery. I still have a few left that I got out just last night to think about a bracelet

  5. This is so cool.....I absolutely LOVE the comments! Keep 'em coming...

    I would love to see the bracelet made from the "college days" beads ;o)

  6. I absolutly love incorporating ceramic beads into my designs - handmade preferably. Creating with clay is an ancient art form and I really love the "earth appeal" they bring. The texture, the weight, glazes-I am drawn to all of those aspects of a ceramic bead. Even if they are perfectly round, they are little sculptures and possess a bit of energy from the artist's hand. That's just an awesome thought as I'm composing a piece of jewelry! And I've said it before and I'll say it again and again, Clay People are the Coolest!

  7. I like handmade ceramic beads because they are an expression of lndividual creativity - I may not know the person but yhru worked on the beadsd. When I create something with these beads, I am continuing that creative process. Plus i like the tactile sensation of playing with the beads as I figure out my design. I just received my order of beads from you from last week -m I cna sdee some happy times ahead.

  8. Hello,

    I just recently began using ceramic beads in my jewlery--and I must say that the few pieces I have made sold very quickly. Customers love the unique beads/pendants, and especially love that they are handmade.

    I would love to get into making my own, but that will have to be down the road a bit.

    I just became a follower of your blog. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely beads!


  9. I love the organic element added to a design. Shaped by someone's hands from the earth.

    Plus they make for interesting combination's with my patina-ted chains!

  10. I love to discover new bead artists and use them in my wearable works of art. I think that it is a much more special piece when you are wearing a mini masterpiece. Much better than just looking at something hanging on a wall. I am a follower of BOC! And I look forward to finding new artists. Enjoy the day! Erin

  11. I don't make them, but I am beginning to appreciate them and the those who make these beads. Each one unique, each one the product of an artist's imagination and hard work. If I win, this would be a great introduction to the world of clay beads.

  12. Love the earthiness and individuality of ceramic beads in designs. Gives it a unique look and it's also very versatile...can use it with metal, wood, leather, you name it.

    Great blog by the way!!

  13. Unfortunately, I am not good at creating my own beads. However, I think they lend personality and life to a piece of jewelry. Most hand-made pieces have their own story, that is translated into the jewelry and can act as inspiration for the piece of jewelry. I just love how special pieces created with art beads are!



  14. I only recently began to use ceramic beads in my pieces...I love to use them as often as I can...they add earthiness & character!
    I'm already following...


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