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The Tetradic Color Scheme Challenge

We are on our 5th Color Challenge! This is the Tetradic Color Challenge! This Section of the Challenge runs for 4 weeks from March 5th to Good Friday, April 2nd.
This is how Wikipedia explains Tetradic color schemes—Tetrads (or quadrads) are any four colors with a logical relationship on the color wheel, such as double compliments.

Any four colors with a logical relationship??? Hmmm. My color wheel shows Tetrads as both the grey rectangle and dark grey square. I looked through my inventory and finally settled on the rectangle tetrad of Blue, Violet, Yellow and Orange. I used one of my "Stone Age" Buttons and a fun little blue thumbprint ceramic charm in my design.

The fine Print-
To enter your work for a chance to win beautiful Clay beads by Beads-of-Clay members, please add your photos to the Beads of Clay Flickr group. Please label your photo with the color scheme you have used. Example: Tetradic- Blue, Violet,Yellow,Orange This is how I will know that you are playing along!
On April 2nd a random winner will be chosen from all the entries in the Tetradic color group.
Entries need to include at least one clay bead or button. Entries can be a Clay bead or Button. Entries do not have to be jewelry.
There is still time to Enter your Split- Complimentary Designs in the challenge. The Split- Complimentary section of the Challenge Closes in one week on March 19th. Right now you have a VERY good chance of winning our prize of a big bag of clay loot from Artisan Clay!

To see the entire time line and links to great tools to help you choose your colors-- check out this Blog post--http://beads-of-clay.blogspot.com/2010/01/beads-of-clay-blog-color-challenge.html

The tetradic section of our challenge has some wonderful prizes donated by the talented Mary Harding! I will share photos of Mary's prizes later today!

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