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Two New Complimentary Challenge Entries!

We have 2 new beautiful Entries for the Complimentary Section of our Beads-of-Clay color Challenge! Thank you to our Challenge Artists for sharing your work with us! Jen Judd has done it again with a gorgeous piece featuring a Large Porcelain Button from Nancy of Round Rabbit. Here is Jen's description of her necklace.--

My entry for the Beads-of-Clay color challenge. It features a HUGE awesome button from Nancy at Round Rabbit. I used the colors and roundness to drive my choices for other beads...there's a slab of garnet, some mookaite spacers, a few bits of Roman glass (from www.happymangobeads.com) and a lampwork art bead that I bought on ebay years ago.
And Summer Hodgmen has combined fibers metal and ceramic in her Free Heart Necklace featuring a heart bead from Diane Hawkey. Here is how Summer describes her necklace--
Wow did I have a hell of a time coming up with an entry for this particular color scheme. Complimentary color schemes (two colors across from each other on the color wheel) are not intuitive. But I surely do like the way it came out!
There are two really interesting pieces here. The first and most obvious is the heart by Diane Hawkey. Isn't it gorgeous? The second is the orange yarn, which I braided. It's actually hand spun and hand dyed with Coreopsis flowers. I bought it at a Ren Faire last summer from a seller who works yarn using only traditional Viking methods. Cool, isn't it!
The orange beads are Carnelian and the blue are glass.

Thanks for your entries ladies! Do you want to join the fun? And have your chance at our Fabulous Beads-of-Clay prizes???? You still have time! This section of the challenge ends on March 5th when I choose a random winner from all our Complimentary Challenge Entries!

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