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Split Complimentary Challenge

Today is the start of our fourth Color Challenge! This is the Split Complimentary Color Challenge! This Section of the Challenge runs for 4 weeks from February 19th to March 19th.
This is how Wikipedia explains Split-Complimentary color schemes--A color Scheme that includes a main color and the two colors on either side of it's complimentary (opposite) color of the color wheel. Now what does that mean?... We will use the example above to help explain. First you need to find your first color (yellow-orange), next you need to draw an imaginary line through the center of the color wheel and find the color that is the opposite of your first color (blue-violet). You will not be using this second, opposite color, but you will be using the colors found on either side of this opposite color (violet and blue). So our finished color scheme in this example is Yellow-orange, Violet and Blue.

This is where the Challenging Part of our Challenge is found! I found it really tricky to come up with my design! This second photo was actually my first attempt. I was going to scrap the design, but I decided to share it with you as a second example. It was hard to find beads within my supply stash that worked together and still fit into my color scheme. An interesting thing happened while I was working. I found myself looking hard at the tint, tone and shade of each base color to find beads that worked into the plan.
Take for example the focal pictured above. My Color Scheme was Red-Orange, Green and Blue. I started with a very light green pendant A tint of green. A tint is when you add white to a color.
Next I found a small charm in a bold blue.
Third I needed to find a bead that would finish my color scheme. This bead needed to be a Red-Orange. I couldn't find anything in my stash that was purely red-orange, so I started to look for beads that were almost red-orange. I looked at browns. When I placed the beads on top of my color wheel I realized that the red-brown beads were pretty much exactly what my color wheel shows for the Shade of red-orange. A shade is found when you add black to a color.]
Here are my tips for this section of the challenge-
1) Start with the 2 colors that are more closely related. In my examples the colors where violet and blue in the first necklace, and blue and green in the second example. I found it easier to work out the bulk of the design in these 2 closely related colors and then accent my design with the third color.
2) Don't forget to use your tints, tones and shades. This really saved me from trying to run out to the bead store to find a perfect fit, and it helps your finished work look more natural. There is no need to always use the color wheel color at full intensity. (note- running out the bead store or your favorite artisan bead website for a perfect bead is wonderfully fun if you have the time ;-)
3) Don't Forget about this tool. http://websitetips.com/colortools/sitepro/ It has an option for finding Split Complimentary Color schemes. Just find Split Complimentary in the drop down menu on the right, then slide the box over the the rainbow area to see what different color combinations look like.
4) This one is hard! I'm going to have to pump up the prizes for all this work! Prizes will be announced next Friday February 26th
The fine Print-
To enter your work for a chance to win beautiful Clay beads by Beads-of-Clay members, please add your photos to the Beads of Clay Flickr group. Please label your photo with the color scheme you have used. Example: Split Complimentary- Blue, Violet,Yellow-Orange This is how I will know that you are playing along!

On March 19th a random winner will be chosen from all the entries in the Split Complimentary color group.
Entries need to include at least one clay bead or button. Entries can be a Clay bead or Button. Entries do not have to be jewelry.

There is still time to Enter your Complimentary Designs in the challenge. The Complimentary section of the Challenge Closes on March 5th

To see the entire time line and links to great tools to help you choose your colors-- check out this Blog post--http://beads-of-clay.blogspot.com/2010/01/beads-of-clay-blog-color-challenge.html


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